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Oktoberfests, birthdays and theater performances


Mount Vernon and Woodlawn Host Modern Event at Historic Place

Many enjoyed the second night of the Mount Vernon Summer Festival despite the noxious air that caused the cancellation of the first night. (Photo/Steve Hunter)

ALEXANDRIA, VA — One of the joys of living in Mount Vernon is being close to many historic sites. Not just for living history lessons. Landmarks in our community often host events that uniquely blend the present with the past. In June alone, Mount Vernon sponsors a summer music festival that transforms its venue into a beer tasting (beer was George Washington’s favorite drink) with live music.Woodlawn Plantation hosts two special events: 156th birthday party for renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, whose Pope-Leighey House is located in Woodlawn Inside the plantation, there is also a show network Presented by the Picnic Theater Company. Proceeds go directly back to Woodlawn Plantation.

Wright made the most of every inch of the tiny home, building in many features.
Wright’s birthday party featured games and puzzles for young visitors on the house’s terrace.
The network’s actors work in media and government during the day, but perform regularly across the region.
The Byrds perform at the Summer Music Festival.

Isimi: Safe Space NOVA and City of Alexandria Host Pride Ball

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