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On ‘The Bachelorette,’ Charity Lawson Reveals Her Inner Barbie


This group date is big: Joey, Aaron B., Michael, James, Caleb B. (Caleb last standing!), Aaron S., Sean, Xavier, Tanner, Adrian, Dotun, John. (Small side note: We also had Simu Liu guest star in a short video to promote “Barbie” — he’s now in “The Bachelorette,” “Selling Sunset,” and “The Other Two.”) – Elise

I don’t know if the “successful bachelorette” played by JoJo and Jordan is supposed to be humorous, but I laughed when it was on screen. — Jill

“They Made Me Bad Boy Ken” absolutely sent me over the moon. That guy is definitely not a frontrunner, but I love the energy. — Ruth

You all noticed that Adrian was crazy about people’s fun in the last episode, he was classic Ken, only wearing a tuxedo, and everyone else was wearing crazy costumes? It feels right. — Elise

As someone who’s been looking forward to the Barbie movie since the day it came out, I couldn’t be more excited about this shameless promo. All the guys in costumes writing songs in fluffy pink pens are such unserious fun, I love every second of it. Sean is such a lovely guy and I’m glad he made it 1:1 with Charity (I regret that statement less than 10 minutes later, but I’m leaving it here as a souvenir of my naiveté). — Alexandra

I think the hardest part of this little clip is actually hearing them sing – and then watching wrestler Caleb B. be the one to take this thing too seriously. — Ruth

Everyone who watches this episode is learning what I learned in high school drama when I was 14: It’s always more embarrassing to be someone who takes themselves too seriously than someone who has no talent but still has fun. — Alexandra

These guys obviously never had to rewrite the lyrics of a popular song so they could crush it at the end of skit night at camp at their cabin, but I’ll give them a break. While I also don’t like hearing awkward singing, I think a date like this just goes with the flow and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Sean wasn’t one to impress me initially, but there were parts of that denim outfit that really suited him. He’s right, he does look like a Ken doll. Also, I want to be part of Barbie’s backing band. — Jill

Gosh Jill, same. I am very impressed with Sean! He’s been playing backgrounds, so it’s nice to see that. I was really impressed with the way Dotun tackled this challenge. Xavier just looks fluffy in that coat. Adrian sucks, and he seems pretty boring in relationships. I want someone who can have fun in ridiculous moments! — Erin


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