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The season is coming to an end, which means you need this F1 23 Abu Dhabi set. The Yas Marina Circuit has seen some exciting and contentious title fights.

Here you can wrap your F1 23 Champion or lose it, which is why a good setup is so important to maximizing your chances.

F1 23 Abu Dhabi set

Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit is the traditional finale of the season, but it’s tough to do well. The track required three long stretches of full-speed sprints and multiple awkward corners and hefty moments that required compromises and driver adjustments.


The Yas Marina circuit has undergone some radical changes from its original layout, with a quicker first section but many tricky slower corners at the end.

F1 23 Abu Dhabi setup aerodynamics screen showing ideal settings

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we went together 39-34 Here are the wings. This will allow you to maintain speed in corners and provide a competitive top speed on the straights.


This part of the setup is mainly about how to allow the rear wheels to spin. A more locked setting forces the rear wheels to spin at a very similar rate, while an unlocked setting gives the rear more freedom.

F1 23 Abu Dhabi settings transfer screen showing ideal settings

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we take a Throttle opening 55% and Close the throttle 51%. This provides a very stable base for acceleration while giving you plenty of spin around corners.

suspension geometry

The settings in this section have not changed from previous years. The golden setting of past games still applies in this game.

F1 23 Abu Dhabi setup suspension geometry screen showing ideal setup

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Therefore, the front camber is set to -2.50 The rear camber is -1.00.front toe set to 0.00 and rear toes 0.10.


The suspension setup has been expanded this year, offering a greater degree of tuning and refinement than before.

F1 23 Abu Dhabi setup hanging screen showing ideal setup

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We went 30-15 days About suspension and 5-1 For anti-roll bars. This provides a strong platform for the car to ride through the final section and that unwieldy tight corner.

ride height is set to 34-37. It’s as low as you can go on this track, and it will let you ride on the side of the road, just don’t get too greedy. The tight 6/7 turns can hurt you if you end up riding those big curbs too much.


Braking power is always crucial, and when there are major overtaking opportunities at the end of the two long straights, you’ll need as much as possible.

F1 23 Abu Dhabi set brake screen showing ideal settings

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we will work with 100% brake pressure and 56% brake deviation for this setting. It stops you in corners and gives you the chance to overtake without locking up.


Pirelli rubber is difficult to master, but extremely valuable once mastered.

F1 23 Abu Dhabi set tire screen showing ideal settings

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we went together 22.5 psi on the front tires and 20.3 PSI for the rear. This will keep them within the ideal temperature window. Yas Marina is demanding on the tyres, often requiring two stops on longer races, but these settings will keep your rubber in good shape.


These settings are for intermediate players who may still be using assists like traction control and ABS. However, if you’re looking for an extra edge, here are some tweaks you can try:

  • 1-3 clicks to lower wing height to increase top speed
    • This will make the car less able to enter corners and less stable when changing directions at high speeds
  • If the car doesn’t feel the way you want it going into a corner, lift the front wing a bit or two
  • If the car is too loose at low speeds, try moving the out-of-throttle differential up a bit or two to improve stability
  • For more “pointy” cars, stiffen the strength of the front suspension and anti-roll bars relative to the rear
    • This will make it harder to gain traction
  • Don’t be afraid to move the brake bias around on a single lap.A more forward position provides better performance in heavy braking areas, while a more rearward position provides better performance in lighter braking areas
    • Lockdowns in F1 23 are easier to implement than in previous games.Front locks are less catastrophic than rear locks, and the direction you go from our markers will increase your chances of locking in that direction
  • Added tire pressure taps for short online races to improve tire warm-up!


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