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Over 90% of Abu Dhabi residents feel safe walking alone at night, DCD survey shows


Abu Dhabi is home to people of various ethnicities and with public safety rules and regulations in place, it is no secret that residents do feel safe in this emirate. A recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Community Development bears this out. Yes, according to the results of this survey, more than 90% of Abu Dhabi residents feel safe walking alone at night. So read on to find out about this development.

82,761 community members participated in the DCD survey

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According to a survey conducted by the Department of Community Development (DCD), 82,761 community members participated in the third round of the Quality of Life Survey. These include key metrics based on the results of the previous two rounds. According to a news report by the Khaleej Times, these indicators include housing, job opportunities, family, wealth, work-life balance, health, education and skills, skills, safety and personal security, income, social and cultural relations, and digital quality of life, to name just a few. A few examples.

As it happens, this also helps to analyze and improve the quality of life in various aspects. It is worth mentioning that this survey is based on the global model and concept of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. According to the findings, 93.5 percent of Abu Dhabi residents said they felt safe walking alone at night.

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93.5% of Abu Dhabis feel safe walking alone at night

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This is a huge improvement as it is up from the 93% recorded in 2020. Not to mention, this is also higher than other OECD countries! It is worth mentioning that the happiness index of Abu Dhabi residents also reached 70%, and they are satisfied with the quality of life. And, on a scale of 0 to 10, the happiness level of the population rose to 7.63 from 7.17 in 2020! As a result, the digital quality of life indicator also achieved good results, with 88.7% of residents enjoying internet service, an increase from 85.2% in 2020.

With such an upward trajectory, this is definitely a moment of immense pride for the Emiratis in Abu Dhabi. So, don’t forget to share this good news with them!

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