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Pakistanis unable to renew UAE visa

Pakistanis unable to renew UAE visa

Karachi: To ensure children’s rights, united arab emirates (UAE) government has decided to strictly enforce laws on takeovers visa Applicable to Pakistanis under the age of 18.

in an exclusive conversation geographic newsBakheet Ateeq Al-Remeithi, UAE Consul General in Karachi, said: “A large number of Pakistanis in the UAE on work visas are violating the Wadeema Law – Federal Law No. 3 of 2016 on children’s rights.”

According to the Consul General, these laws enshrine the right of children to education and a large number of Pakistanis deprive their children of their rights by keeping their children at home.

“During an important meeting in the past, the government took a difficult decision in this regard,” he said, adding that rules on the rights of children with families living in the UAE must be strictly enforced.

The UAE envoy stressed the importance of children’s education. “The UAE government has decided to take action against parents who violated child protection laws.”

“The Wadeema law applies to Pakistanis who hold work or residence visas,” he said.

Al-Remeithi urged expatriate Pakistani parents in the UAE to ensure their children’s education and protect their rights, including those related to health and freedom.

The Consul General also told Geo News that the UAE is home to 16 to 17 million Pakistanis.

Those who break the law could be deported from the UAE, he said, and informed the media about restrictions on obtaining new visas.

“In the future, visas will be issued to Pakistanis and they will ensure the full implementation of the Wadeema law.”

Commenting on whether the law would apply to other Pakistanis, Al-Remeithi said there was no such restriction on Pakistani nationals applying for a visit visa.

“The UAE government will welcome Pakistanis to the UAE on tourist visas and there will be no restrictions on their visit to the country,” the envoy clarified.

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