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Palestine: Artistic Exploration by UAE Painter in ‘Paints for Palestine’

Lynne Abdulhadi’s inaugural visit to Palestine transcends a mere physical journey, becoming a profound connection to the land and people she once knew only through stories.

Seeking Ancestral Coordinates

In her quest to trace familial roots, Lynne navigates the remnants of her mother’s village in Haifa, discovering the gravestone of her great grandfather, the mukhtar, amidst the ruins.

Echoes of Exodus: Palestine

Lynne delves into the poignant history of her family’s journey to Jordan after the Nakba in 1948, highlighting the enduring impact of displacement on generations.

Art as a Cultural Ambassador

Initiating “Painting for Palestine,” Lynne endeavors to showcase and celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of Palestine through art, cultural events, and storytelling.

Healing Community Spaces

Beyond conventional art workshops, Lynne’s initiative evolves into a community space that offers healing sessions, addressing the emotional aftermath of significant events like October 7.

Nurturing Cultural Identity

Committed to preserving Palestinian identity, Lynne plans to empower young girls in a Jordanian refugee camp, imparting artistic skills and supporting their education through merchandise creation.

Expressive Catharsis – “Letters to Gaza” Project

In response to grief and trauma, Lynne launches the “Letters to Gaza” project, encouraging participants to articulate their emotions through art, fostering healing and expression.

Honoring a Fallen Artistic Voice

Paying homage to Heba Zaghout, a Palestinian artist lost during the Gaza conflict, Lynne encourages her students to replicate Zaghout’s works, ensuring her artistic legacy endures.

Conclusion: Artistic Endeavors as Agents of Healing and Identity

Lynne Abdulhadi’s artistic initiatives transcend personal exploration, becoming powerful tools for cultural preservation, healing, and the reaffirmation of Palestinian identity.

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