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Parents reinstated for opposing school gender curriculum


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A Christian parent headteacher at a local primary school in the UK was sacked for expressing concerns about the school’s transgender sex education policy before the High Court ruled in her favor and reinstated her role on the governing body. Re-won the position.

In a case that has had major repercussions for parents and school administrators across the country, the Gateshead parent, known only as “Susan” to protect the child’s identity, was arrested after pointing out a potential legal error. The Parent Manager was relieved of his duties. The school’s human relations and sexuality education policy.

On behalf of Mother’s Christian Academy, explain In a statement, the High Court said back to normal After reaching a legal settlement with the school, she.

“Susan behaved in a way that any parent would expect from any good school principal,” said Ciaran Kelly, vice president of Christian College, a non-denominational charity dedicated to advancing the Christian faith. “Her job is to strongly question and challenge the school, not simply rubber stamp any document in front of her.”

Susan first raised concerns about the draft RSE policy in March 2021, which she believes may be illegal. When her concerns were not addressed by her other governors, she took to the school’s official complaints process. However, she was removed as governor in June 2022 before the process could be concluded, triggering a five-year ban from serving as governor of any school in England.

Susan has questioned the school’s RSE policy, which includes lesson plans that encourage children to question their gender identities and teach them that “gender identity”, “gender expression” and biological sex can be different, using the controversial “sex bread manGraphic. It also shows that men or women are determined by personality, hobbies, and clothing rather than biology.

“I worry that teaching gender ideology might be damaging to children,” Susan said. “I’m absolutely delighted to have been vindicated. It’s a great feeling to be back and help the school achieve the best results for all the children.”

The appeals panel upheld the decision to remove Susan in September 2022 despite the Governor’s Code of Conduct stating that the power to remove a governor “should not be used solely to silence dissenting or questioning voices.” The Department of Education has yet to respond to Susan’s request for an upgrade. The group said the complaint was lodged in July last year.

Susan’s legal team, including human rights expert Paul Conrathe, argued that her deportation violated her right to free expression under Article 10. They argued that the actions of the governing body and the appeals panel were illegal and that Susan should be allowed to resume her role as governor-elect.

Both Gateshead Primary School’s governing body and the local authority have acknowledged the decision to remove Susan was unlawful. Still, the school’s RSE policy remains in place pending a decision from the Ministry of Education, which is now nearly a year late in responding.

Conservative Party member and Education Minister Gillian Keegan recently said urge school Allows parents to view all course materials. With this in mind, Christian College urges schools to make such materials available online to increase accessibility. A review of the RSE’s statutory guidance is also underway amid concerns schools are using age-inappropriate material.

“If this decision stands, it will send a dire message to school administrators,” Kelly said. “Parents also have reason to worry that those responsible for ensuring their children’s education is legal and appropriate may be more interested in not ‘undermining ‘the status quo’ rather than doing the right thing.”

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