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Peta Murgatroyd born, welcomes baby 2 with Maksim Chmerkovskiy


cue music because Maxim Chemokovsky and Murgatroyd map There is news worth dancing to.

this dancing with the stars The professionals officially welcomed their second child. Chmerkovskiy shared the happy news in an aptly fitting Father’s Day post on Instagram on Sunday. Holding the newborn, the proud dad blurred his face as he wrote: “Happy Father’s Day to me! #MadeInPeta.

This post got a lot of comments from them DWT The family congratulated the couple on the birth of their second son, with Sharna Burgess writing: “How perfect ♥️♥️” and Emma Slater commenting: “OMG!!!!!!!!! Father’s Day!!!❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️. “

Murgatroyd has yet to share the news on her social media accounts, but shared pre-birth photos and video on her Instagram Story documenting her delivery and timing at the hospital as the couple prepares to welcome baby number two.

The little one’s arrival comes six years after the birth of their first child, Shanxi, married in January 2017 and later that year.The couple revealed that they were Looking forward to January again.

“I couldn’t be happier to finally announce @maksimc and I look forward to our Chmerkovskiy #2,” Murgatroyd captioned her statement on Instagram. “After 2 years of constant struggle and heartache, 3 miscarriages and failed embryo transfer…We had a healthy loaf of bread in the oven :)) This came as a shock to all of us, and we found out before my second round of IVF. “

The ballroom dancer continued, “I want to thank everyone who has been on this fertility journey with me since the beginning. It feels like I am sharing this news with my extended family. Thank you for sharing your stories and tips Keeping me going through my IVF cycle and thank you for the loads of encouraging comments and DMs…I read them all. This news has brought extraordinary happiness to our family and we are so grateful.”

As for how Xia Yi knew that he was going to be the big brother, it was actually the young man who figured it out by himself. “We actually tell [Shai] In our bathroom,” Murgatroyd told ET. “He was looking at my stomach. He said, ‘Mom, you have a baby there’… I said, ‘We really do have’…he was so excited, jumping up and down. ”

After previous losses, Chmerkovskiy does want his wife to take it easy as he returns to the dance floor For season 31 of dancing with the stars last fallBy then, the couple had not only faced setbacks with their fertility and IVF process, but also struggled with Chmerkovskiy’s pressure in Ukraine during the Russian invasion. December 2022, Murgatroyd’s father Derek dies.

“I just said, ‘Baby, you need to calm down, you need to relax, you need to go months without a war breaking out or your father dying.’ I mean, if you can imagine, we’ve been through five years peaks and troughs,” Chmerkovskiy told ET. “Everything is fine, but again we, if you ask me how happy we are with this baby and this thing – ecstatic – but we’re also very careful because we’ve done it four times before and we’ve also Ecstatic, but it didn’t work.”

As Chmerkovskiy puts it, “IVF didn’t work, she started dancing and forgot about it a second and four weeks later, we were pregnant. She didn’t even know it.”

ET recently spoke with Chmerkovskiy about the birth of baby No. 1. 2. Funny how the age gap between his two sons is six years – the same age gap between him and his brother, man DWT Star Valcemokovski.

“I think as long as [Peta and I are] People and people are good and then the zone defense is not so complicated, you know, three to two is going to be tough, but we’re ready to go two to one, you know, one to one, but it’s a six year gap , he told ET. “I remember going through [Val] Sometimes it’s my responsibility too, you know, people do say you don’t raise two kids, when there are differences, you sort of start to pass on and I’m happy to see my son become what he’s always been in my life [a big brother] … Exactly six years apart, they would be the same. “

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