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PM commends UAE’s KSA for invaluable support


Lahore: Prime Minister Mohammad Sheikh Baz Sharif said on Saturday that the country’s economy is facing difficult times but we will overcome them soon.

Addressing the graduation of probationary officers of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) on Saturday, the prime minister hoped that civil servants will be able to lead the country out of current challenges.

Sharing his thoughts on the economic challenges facing the country, he said that over the past 75 years, different governments, whether led by political leaders or military dictators, have failed to solve economic problems and time was wasted creating Chaos and protests.

The Prime Minister said the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be achieved if we move fast in the right direction. “During my recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, the President of the UAE very generously announced an additional $1 billion loan to Pakistan,” he said, praising the financial support provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia may sign $1 billion deal in oil sector

He added that Pakistan was facing economic problems and met the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He believes that seeking more loans is not the right way to solve economic challenges because loans will be called back.

The Prime Minister commended civil servants for serving the people affected by the floods and visiting different parts of the country. He pointed out to cadres that after assuming basic responsibilities in real life, they will face problems such as unemployment, poverty, disease, lack of education, and slow response to public issues.

He believes that providing a conducive environment for the civil service to serve the masses wholeheartedly should be on the collective agenda of everyone, including the political hierarchy. He added that civil servants can reach their full potential if they are provided with an enabling environment.

The prime minister said he had set a two-month target for the civil administration to set up educational facilities in a flood-affected area of ​​Balochistan, and he admired them for building an educational facility in the province during his recent visit. The time frame stipulated by the smart school.

Dubbing probationers “the future of Pakistan”, the prime minister expressed optimism that they will behave with dedication and honesty because the country has high expectations of them.

Earlier, Lahore Omer Rasul, Director General of the Civil Service Academy, highlighted the role and contribution of the Academy in preparing future bureaucrats to serve the district and the masses with their competence and dedication. The Prime Minister also issued certificates to outstanding cadres.

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