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Potter, Yee Take Abu Dhabi Gold Award

After a front-set swim that put her in the top-six bike break, Beth Potter edged forward before breaking through with a women’s best 16:46 to break the record with a 18-second 57:56 victory over Briton Sophie Caldwell gap.

Potter came away from a duel with Coldwell on the final gentle slope to claim her first gold medal in a WTCS event. Coldwell overcame a 10-second penalty for a swim start to earn silver 13 seconds ahead of third-place American Taylor Spivey

“The first game of the season is always a bit of an unknown but I’ve been training really well and Johnny (Brownlee) texted me last night saying ‘you’re going to win’ and I couldn’t believe it!” Potter told World Triathlon Media. “I knew it was possible for me to attack and try to get over the top of the hill. [final] Mt, so it’s back to my off-road days there! “

Coldwell made her first out of the water at Yas Marina in 9:27, joining Potter, Americans Summer Rappaport and Taylor Spivey, Germany’s Lena Meissner and Brazil’s Luisa Baptista in a six-woman breakout.

Surprisingly, number one Georgia Taylor-Brown had a 30-second lead. Unsurprisingly, 2019 world champion Katie Zaferes is 40 seconds behind, 18 months after leaving the sport with the birth of her first child.

Tyler Brown, America’s Kirsten Casper and Italy’s Verena Steinhauser lead a swarm of chasers trying to stay connected, taking their leaders and escapees with them. In a futile chase, the chaser was 28 seconds behind after two laps and 47 seconds behind by lap five and the bell.

In a tight fight, Coldwell emerged from T2 by a narrow margin. Baptista took the lead back and Rappaport took the lead briefly. Potter then charged forward with Spivey 4th and Meissner 5th. Only Coldwell can keep in touch.

At the bell the British duo were 10 seconds ahead of Spivey and Rappaport, with France’s Emma Lombardi, Verena Steinhauser and Cassandre Beaugrand just behind Meissner.

With both Brits keen to win their first WTCS gold medal, Coldwell narrowly edged out Potter. On the hill on the final lap, Potter attacked with 500 meters to go, Coldwell didn’t react and took the silver. Taylor Spivey, frustrated after finishing fourth in a year, took her first podium and bronze medal in a while, while Rappaport and Meissner ( Meissner) finished fourth and fifth respectively.

“Honestly, I wasn’t even planning to race here, so it’s pretty awesome to finish second,” Coldwell told World Triathlon Media. “I was overwhelmed. I was so eager to start the season! As soon as I dived, I thought I was going too early, so I just wanted to put my head down and relax. I didn’t really think it was a breakout course, so I’m amazed we were able to keep it going and amazed that the gap was nearly 50 seconds.”

“To say I’m happy is an understatement,” Spivey said. “One time I was fourth and I was just like ‘I can’t let this happen again.'” I played this race after being sick for five months, so it was a tough off-season. “

World Triathlon Championship Series – Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Yas Marina
March 3, 2023
S 750m / B 20k / R 5k


1. Beth Potter GBR S 9:40 T1 1:18 B 29:52 T2 00:24 R 16:46 TOT 57:56
2. Sophie Caldwell GBR S 9:27 T 1 1:28 B 29:54 T2 00:23 R 17:04 TOT 58:14
3. Taylor Spivey USA S 9:35 T1 1:19 B 29:55 T2 00:24 R 17:18 TOT 58:27
4. Summer Rappaport USA S 9:31 T1 1:20 B 29:59 T2 00:24 R 17:24 TOT 58:35
5. Lena Meissner GER S 9:33 T1 1:21 B 29:56 T2 00:24 R 17:29 TOT 58:39
6. Cassandre Beaugrand FRA S 9:52 T1 1:23 B 30:23 T2 00:26 R 16:38 TOT 58:39
7. Nina Eim GER S 10:16 T1 1:18 B 30:00 T2 00:23 R 16:51 TOT 58:45
8. Emma Lombardi from S 9:58 T1 1:22 B e30:15h T2 00:23 R 16:50 TOT 58:46
9. Verena Steinhauser ITA W 10:03 T1 1:21 W 30:10 T2 00:22 R 16:55 TOT 58:48
10. Lisa Tertsch GER S 10:18 T1 1:17 B 29:59 T2 00:24 R 16:59 TOT 58:53
15. Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR S 9:58 T1 01:25 B 30:13 T2 00:25 R 17:10 TOT 59:08
25. USA Kirsten Kasper S 9:53 T1 1:20 B 30:21 T2 1:20 R 17:32 TOT 59:28.


Great Britain’s Alex Yee ran the best 5K time of 14:26 to beat Portugal’s Vasco Vilaca by 6 seconds.

After a surprise start to the 2023 season with a surprise loss to Frenchman Leo Bergere in the final of the 2022 World Triathlon Championships, Yee is happy to let go of his frustrations. Yee started the day 30 seconds behind the leader in the swim, grabbed the lead early on the 20km bike stage and then battled Portugal’s Vasco Vilaca and Brazil’s Manoel Messias.

“I came here with no expectations, to race freely, and I guess that’s what happens when you enjoy what you do!” Yee told World Triathlon Media. “It’s been great to play with these guys. I just wanted to see how the training in Australia has gone over the last few weeks, so it worked out well and I felt good today.”

With last year’s leading trio of Yee, Leo Bergere and Hayden Wilde on the right side of the pontoon, two-time world champion France’s Vincent Luis seized the opportunity in the middle to score the fastest time of the day at 8 minutes and 57 seconds, 2 seconds ahead of Dorian Coninx, 20 seconds ahead of Portugal’s Vasco Vilaca, 23 seconds ahead of Yee, 24 seconds ahead of 2022 world champion Bergere and 29 seconds ahead of Spain’s Roberto Sanchez Mantecon. Swiss Adrien Briffod 33 seconds, American Matthew McElroy 34 seconds,

45 seconds behind New Zealand’s Hayden Wilde, Brazil’s Manoel Mesias and 2022 triathlon world champion Norway’s Gustav Eden was last, as was Wilde, who suffered an early A draw.

In the first of five cycling laps, the 10-deep pack powered by Coninx, South Africa’s Jamie Riddle, Japan’s Kenji Nener and Australia’s Matthew Hauser led Portuguese duo Vilaca and Ricardo Batista, and Canadian Tyler Mislawchuk. Ten seconds later are Bergere, Yee and Matthew McElroy of the USA

In no time, all clues were wiped out and a massive 50-man line at the Yas Marina circuit merged.

Australia’s Brandon Copeland took the lead and was quickly caught by Max Studer and Matthew Hauser. Then the cream rose to the top, with Vincent Luis leading Messias on his shoulders.

Then, when Messias and Vilaca couldn’t answer, Yee moved forward up the hill for the first time.

Yi then escaped from all pursuers, taking the pain out of his championship finale. Vilaca prevented Messias from taking silver.

“It’s been three years since I’ve been on the podium in Hamburg and it’s fantastic to start the season this way,” Villaca told World Triathlon Media. “It was great to run to the end with Alex and Manoel.”


1. Alex Yee GBR 9:20 T1 1:14 B 27:33 T2 00:23 R 14:26 TOT 52:53
2. Vasco Vilaca POR S 9:17 T1 1:14 B 27:35 T2 0:22 R 14:32 TOT 52:59
3. Manoel Messias BRA S 9:40 T1 1:14 B 27:15 T2 00:27 R 14:32 TOT 53:06
4. Vincent Luis FRA S 08:57T1 1:15 B 27:54 T2 00:22 R 14:45 TOT 53:11
5. Dorian Coninx FRA S 8:59 T1 1:15 B 27:53 T2 00:22 R 14:48 to 53:14
6. Leo Bergere from S 9:21 T1 1:16 B 27:28 T2 00:21 R 14:51 TOT 53:15
7. Roberto Sánchez Mantecon ESP S 9:26 T1 1:16 B 27:23 T2 00:23 R 14:52 TOT 53:18
8. Matthew McElroy USA S 9:31 T1 1:13 B 27:23 T2 00:22 R 14:52 TOT 53:19
9. Max Studer SUI S 9:32 T1 1:16 B 27:22 T2 00:21 R 14:51 TOT 53:20
10. Adrien Briffod SUI S 9:30 T1 1:14 B 27:25 T2 00:21 R 14:51 TOT 53:24

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