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Prince Harry has ‘morbid baggage of hysterical paranoia’


Prince Harry has ‘morbid baggage of hysterical paranoia’

Experts believe Prince Harry is nothing more than a “middle-aged professional clown” cared for by a “nanny”.

Petronella Wyatt, royal contributor to The Telegraph, has exposed the claims.

According to Ms Wyatt, “I thought for a while that Boris Johnson and our Lochinwa in California, the Duke of Sussex, were almost brothers. On the one hand, they both thought the government had hit ‘bottom’. “

“Boris’ hatred of Rishi Sunak, or anyone who dares to be prime minister, is very similar to Harry’s openly expressed contempt for certain institutions in the UK.”

“Also, both want to blow everything up to pieces. Boris has turned into Harry of Westminster, with his pathological baggage of hysterical paranoia, wounded vanity and conviction that nothing is his fault.” .”

Not to mention, they’re “both old Etonians and babysitters who initially shined as professional clowns.”

“Now they’re career victims, a disgraceful profession for a middle-aged man. But nobody actually conspires against Boris or Harry. They don’t need to,” all because “after a while, they Causes uncontrollable stimuli and you want them gone.”

Before concluding, she also quoted commentator Ingrid Seward, who believes Prince Harry is “the Boris Johnson of the royal family”, and she believes in similar claims.


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