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Prince Harry shares hilarious story about Meghan Markle’s ‘badly injured’ dog Guy

Prince Harry shares hilarious story about Meghan Markle’s ‘badly injured’ dog Guy

Prince Harry shared fascinating details about her wife Meghan Markle’s two dogs, Bogart and Guy, in his memoir Spare.

Known to be a lover of animals, the former Hollywood actress had two dogs, a Labrador collie mix and a beagle, when she first met Harry.

“Meghan’s dog, her battered little beagle, has been more battered lately,” Harry wrote when Meghan and Guy first moved to the UK.

“He was badly injured. Guy escaped from his caregivers a few days before Meg left Canada. (Meg was at work.) He was found miles from Meg’s house and unable to walk. His leg is now clattering Plaster,” Duke added.

Harry went on to detail how he cared for Guy, holding the Hound to the bathroom. Harry shared that he realized how much he loved Meghan in this moment.

“I don’t mind at all. I love that dog,” Harry shared. “I couldn’t stop kissing him, touching him. My strong feelings for Meg spread to anyone or anything she loved.”

Harry went on to share that Meghan’s love of animals helped her bond with King Charles and Queen Camilla when they first met.

“Guy has a particularly sad story. Meg found him in a kill shelter in Kentucky because someone abandoned him deep in the woods without food or water. She explained that beagles are more expensive in Kentucky than other More than any state, when she saw that guy on the shelter’s website it made her fall in love.”

“I watched Camilla’s face turn black. She’s a patron of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home so these kinds of stories always hit her hard. So did Dad. He couldn’t bear to think about the suffering of any animal.”

The former Suits star was forced to give Bogart to neighbors after news of her and Harry’s romance leaked after he was traumatized by the constant noise in her home, but she was able to give her away The dog Guy was brought to the UK. Guy remains an integral part of the couple’s lives.

During Meghan and Harry’s lifetime, the couple adopted a seven-year-old rescue beagle named Mamma Mia, who joined Guy and their black Labrador, Pla.

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