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Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island to Launch Innovative Project to Offset 450 Tonnes of CO2 Emissions Annually

Miral, a prominent creator of immersive destinations and experiences in Abu Dhabi, has partnered with Emerge, a joint venture between Masdar in the UAE and France’s EDF, to launch a 524-kilowatt peak (kWp) solar photovoltaic (PV) project on Yas Bay Waterfront. This vibrant dining, entertainment, and leisure destination on Yas Island aims to offset 450 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually through sustainable solar energy.

Emerge: Delivering a Comprehensive Solar Solution

The new solar project will involve the installation of 920 solar modules at Yas Bay waterfront. Emerge is responsible for delivering a comprehensive turnkey solution that encompasses financing, design, procurement, construction, and maintenance for 30 years.

Commitment to Sustainability: Emissions Annually

Emissions Annually Jonathan Brown, Chief Portfolio Officer, Miral, expressed the company’s dedication to sustainability and its commitment to prioritizing sustainable practices and renewable energy elements across its destinations. The collaboration with Emerge contributes to the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

Emerge’s Confidence in a Sustainable Future: Emissions Annually

Michel Abi Saab, General Manager, Emerge, believes the 524 KWp project will deliver high-quality and reliable clean energy to Yas Bay. This partnership reflects their collective efforts towards a more sustainable future. It showcases the potential for sustainable impact in various entertainment sites as the UAE works towards its Net Zero goal.

Miral and Emerge: A History of Collaboration: Emissions Annually

This collaboration marks the third time Miral and Emerge have joined forces. In March 2023, they inaugurated Abu Dhabi’s largest solar rooftop project at Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi. Earlier in 2022, they signed an agreement to deploy on-site solar energy systems at the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi theme park, furthering their commitment to sustainable and renewable energy solutions.


Miral’s partnership with Emerge signifies their commitment to sustainable energy practices and their contribution to the UAE’s Net Zero initiative. This collaboration promises to make Yas Bay a shining example of clean energy in the region.

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