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Punjab police arrest six fugitives in UAE


The Punjab Police, under the direction of the Governor of Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar, is conducting a crackdown to arrest self-proclaimed criminals who have fled abroad. Police in Punjab province have arrested six dangerous criminals who fled to the United Arab Emirates for serious crimes. The accused were brought back to Pakistan with the help of Interpol and further action is now being taken against them. The defendants are wanted in different regions for serious incidents including murder, robbery and fraud. Fugitives who have fled abroad, namely Touqeer Butt, Malik Bostan Hassan, Saim Zaib, Waqar Azim (Waqar Azeem), Naseem Abbas Wanted in Various Serious Murders and Fugitive Dangerous Wanted Yasir Qamar Shahzad Corrupted Together wanted in the case.

Punjab Inspector General Dr Usman Anwar has congratulated the police team for arresting the dangerous self-proclaimed criminal. IG Punjab said that this year, police in Punjab province arrested more than 90 criminals who absconded or attempted to escape abroad by committing serious crimes. He further said that with the help of police, FIA and law enforcement officers from various countries including Interpol, the declared criminals were arrested and brought back to Pakistan. The Attorney General of Punjab has directed all RPOs and DPOs to continue their crackdown to arrest overseas fugitives involved in serious incidents and bring dangerous criminals to justice and punish them.

Meanwhile, IG Punjab Dr Usman Anwar released a video message on the enforcement of driving licences, use of helmets and other traffic rules to prevent accidents. IG Punjab said in a video message that the attitude and behavior of any country is reflected in the enforcement and discipline of its traffic rules. Changing the attitude and mindset of non-observance of traffic rules is very important to avoid traffic accidents. He further stated that due to violation of traffic rules and carelessness, more than a dozen people die in accidents every day. The responsibility to ensure that citizens are safe from accidents while traveling rests with the Punjab Police, Traffic Works Department and the public. He further stated that wrong driving and overloading of official vehicles are also causes of accidents, so the police, traffic department, government and the public must work together to reduce accidents and fatalities. IG Punjab stated that compliance with the law on wearing helmets is the first principle to prevent accidents. For this reason, the Punjab Provincial Police has begun to strictly enforce the laws on wearing helmets in the province, including Lahore. He further stated that just like during the COVID-19 epidemic, wearing a mask correctly instead of hanging it on your arm can protect you from the impact of the epidemic; similarly, wearing a helmet instead of hanging it on your arm can also prevent accidents. It’s on the arm or on the motorcycle. The purpose of strictly mandating the wearing of helmets is to protect the younger generation from head injuries, permanent disability and even possible death, so parents should try to ensure that their children who ride out on bikes use helmets, or the traffic police will take action. The Governor of Punjab said in a video message that the Highway Patrol and Traffic Police have accepted the project to enforce traffic rules against heavy, overloaded vehicles, one-way violations and reckless drivers.

Beidian Police Dog Breeding Center and Training School held a public adoption ceremony for retired police dogs. Retired police tracking dogs are being handed over to new owners under a memorandum of understanding between the Punjab police and animal rights groups. Dr. Usman Anwar, IG Punjab, attended the ceremony as special guest.


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