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QCC partners with Abu Dhabi’s Setup to strengthen export capacity of SMEs


ABU DHABI – The Abu Dhabi Quality Conformity Council (QCC) has joined Abu Dhabi’s Setup, a comprehensive SME support The Private Entity Partnership was launched in 2022 to support SMEs, providing local businesses with guidance and services related to export product standards and compliance.

QCC’s mission is to ensure the provision of quality infrastructure that meets global standards and to enhance the quality of Abu Dhabi’s exports and products, acting as a medium for consulting to clients in Abu Dhabi.

The partnership will benefit from in-depth consultation backed by research and expertise, empowering SMEs to export and help them navigate the complexities of creating and distributing high-quality, compliant products.

Adherence to global standards and high quality will increase the attractiveness of local companies to international partners, helping to strengthen Abu Dhabi’s position as a preferred business, financial and trade hub.

Businesses setting up in Abu Dhabi will receive business development advice and guidance in the form of access to regulatory information and industry updates, in addition to guidance tailored to the markets they export to and the business activities they are conducting. They will also be connected to A network of partner suppliers to provide testing, inspection and certification services.

Abdulla Alyazeedi, Executive Director, Strategic Affairs, QCC, said: “QCC Abu Dhabi has long been committed to enhancing the capital city’s quality infrastructure. This has meant working closely with public and private entities, from government agencies and large corporations to A rising star in the enterprise.

“As agencies set up in Abu Dhabi have a broad portfolio of client businesses in different industries, they require different levels of guidance. We are happy to be their partner in improving the quality of their products, not only for individual companies but for the greater Abu Dhabi Dhabi business environment.”

Mouza Al Nasri, Executive Director of ADDED’s SME sector, commented: “Increasing non-oil exports is one of the main objectives of the emirate’s diversification strategy and we are delighted to enter into this partnership with Abu Dhabi QCC to provide SMEs with the necessary expertise knowledge to enhance their capabilities in this regard. As a catalyst for economic growth in Abu Dhabi, ADDED is committed to providing a suitable entrepreneurial ecosystem that facilitates the establishment and operation of start-ups and SMEs and empowers them to grow and expand. ability.”

Lorenzo Jooris, CEO of Creative Zone, added: “We are launching this new partnership as a way to provide our customers with additional assistance in effectively ensuring that their products meet the correct quality standards. At the same time, they will act as Gain a competitive edge with industry-leading products in local and global spaces.”

Since its inception in 2009, QCC has been improving the quality of locally and internationally traded products in Abu Dhabi.some core of the entity Priority areas include developing product standards and specifications, improving testing infrastructure, ensuring fair trade and protecting consumer interests.By focusing on these, QCC sets requirements for local products to meet safety and compliance requirements in line with global standardsRDS.


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