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Ramadan in UAE: Week 2 begins; Fasting times, Imsak and Iftar times announced – News

Fasting times will gradually increase throughout the month

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published: Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 6:00 am

The first week of Ramadan is over. Today, March 30, is the eighth day of Ramadan, marking the start of the second week of Ramadan.

Just before the start of the holy month, the UAE enters spring. For those who do not eat or drink from dawn to dusk, this means shorter fasting periods.

During the first week of the month, Muslims fast for approximately 13 hours and 45 minutes per day. During the second week, the fasting time will increase to over 14 hours.

Fasting times will gradually increase throughout the month, as the times for starting the fast (Imsak) and ending the fast (Iftar) are directly related to the times when the sun rises and sets, respectively.

On the 8th of Ramadan (30 March), Fajr (dawn) prayers will be held at 4.55 am. Muslims usually stop eating at Imsak time – about 10 minutes before Fajr prayers. Imsak time is 4.45 am and Iftar time is 6.38 pm. Therefore, the fasting time is 13 hours and 53 minutes.

Here are the results for the rest of the week:

dateimsakIftarfasting time
Ramadan 9 (March 31)4:44 am6:38 p.m.13.54
Ramadan 10th (April 1st)4:42 am6:39 p.m.13.57
Ramadan 11 (April 2)4:41 am6:39 p.m.13.58
Ramadan 12 (April 3)4:40 am6:39 p.m.13.59
Ramadan 13 (April 4)4:39 am6.40pm14.01
Ramadan 14 (April 5)4:38 am6.40pm14.02

By the end of the holy month, the fasting time will increase to almost 14 and a half hours.

Astronomical calculations show that this year’s holy month will last 29 days. On the 29th of Ramadan, Imsak is at 4.21am and Iftar is at 6.47pm. Therefore, the fasting duration was 14 hours and 26 minutes.

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