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Renowned entertainment mogul unveils revolutionary book that reveals the true origin of humanity and civilization


Miami, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Author steven matchart is a famous entertainment mogul obsessed with understanding the origins of the many different civilizations and their myths that created rules and orders to be followed blindly without examining who or what created them and why we follow them.

He travels the world promoting and marketing his artists and music conceived from many cultures, he studies the creations of those different civilizations and believes that all human beings share a common chord. “We all march to the same beat,” he said. These first chords can be found in the Middle Eastern Old Testament. If we put together ancient texts and human interpretations of the creation of different cultures and their tribes, the chords can be heard.

In Unpacking the Bible: The Colonization of Earth and the Formation of Man, Marchat aspires to open up society’s differing views of human origins, part of his Earth series. This book answers questions such as “Why are we here on Earth?” and “Where did we come from?” The question he answers is who wrote the rules? Why do we believe they are real? Why don’t we question those who say they speak for the gods? Alternatively, the concept of the all-seeing God of the sky is a simple misunderstanding that the true All God is the original inseparable and first source of life energy. God is not an identifiable third-party physical object.

The Bible actually shares the story of human creation. Tell us about God who created man. The Bible tells us who did it and why.

Machat holds that we are individuals of the same origin. The same biological source that created humans, humans are a new species created to live on Earth.

Everything comes from the ocean of first thought (God). When thoughts become vibrations of sound – and then light, this energy can create physical objects and, under the right circumstances, physical beings.

As it says in the bible, the Supreme Source said “Let there be light”, the light created the chaotic big bang, and those vibrations created the energy centered on the sun star. That star then produced particles of chemicals that became first a gas and then a liquid, taking physical form. Many stars were created, forming many galaxies. We are not the only creatures on earth.

No one has ever linked the self-proclaimed gods of the Nefilim to the origin of humanity in a book like this. This book aims to depict the true connection of the Nefilim of the Nibiru planet of our solar system, which have the same chemicals and the same gases as our bodies. We come from the energies that live in our bodies, created from the same gas as the Nefilim. Once created, as our numbers grew, you can imagine they needed to civilize humanity with their rules and regulations, which are now the rules and regulations of our planet.

“I have spent more than 50 years studying the original clay tablets written by Enki, the son of Anu, king of Nibiru. Enki wrote these tablets to record their efforts on Earth to save their planet Nibiru,” said Machat. Doing things came from the earth’s gold. These tablets were later rewritten and remade by humans who were taught how to write in the local language, which prevented humans from connecting all the dots, as each region created its own customs and myths”

This book explains why the Nefilim need humans and when it is appropriate to indoctrinate them with the social rules of Nefilim religion and government in various places on Earth. Recent science confirms that these unique human genomes first emerged approximately 300,000 years ago, which fits with the scientific explanation for the first appearance of humans on Earth. Everything is in the Bible. One just has to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to light up the whole picture.

If you want to know why we are here on earth, where exactly did we come from, why there are different local gods, and whether the Bible is really based on truth – then this book is for you.

Notes to editors

steven matchart Has worked with some of the greatest idealists and international pop stars and festivals including Leonard Cohen – Peter Gabriel – Genesis – Manu Di Bango – Franco Battiato – Gilberto Gil ,as well as Amjad Ali KhanStan Lee WOMAD.

Company: Shengzhi School
Contact name: steven matchart
e-mail: 360042@email4pr.com

the cover

the cover

BySteven Machat

BySteven Machat



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