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Below is a summary of the current world news briefing.

Charity boat rescues nearly 600 migrants from Italy

A boat run by the charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) rescued nearly 600 migrants from an overcrowded boat that was wrecked near Sicily on Saturday, the group said on Twitter. “After a three-hour operation, 599 survivors, including women and children, are now safely on board … and under the care of the medical team,” MSF tweeted, calling in the rescue.

NATO urges Kosovo to ease tensions with Serbia

NATO urged Kosovo to ease tensions with Serbia on Saturday, a day after Kosovo’s government forcibly entered municipal buildings to appoint mayors in the country’s northern Serb region. Clashes between Kosovo police and protesters against the ethnic Albanian mayor on Friday prompted Serbia to place its army on full combat alert and move troops closer to the border.

Ukraine says Russia moderated Bakhmut attack, Kiev talks counteroffensive

Russian forces have temporarily eased their assault on the besieged eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut and surrounding areas to regroup and strengthen their capabilities, a senior Kiev official said on Saturday. Separately, senior Ukrainian officials said their forces were ready to launch a long-promised counteroffensive to retake territory held by Russia since the war began.

France’s Trier becomes third female director to win Cannes’ top prize

French director Justine Triet became the third female director to win the Palme d’Or at Cannes on Saturday, beating 20 other films for the top prize. Triet called it “surprising” that she was the third woman to win and said the decision was encouraging for the future.

Putin orders increased security on Russia’s borders

President Vladimir Putin on Sunday ordered increased border security to ensure “quick” access for Russian troops and civilians to parts of Ukraine now controlled by Moscow. In a congratulatory message to the Border Service, a branch of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), on the Border Day holiday, Putin said their task was to “reliably cover” defense lines near combat zones.

Five months without a deal, Israeli judicial protests persist

Amid a sea of ​​hundreds, if not thousands, of Israeli flags during anti-government protests in Tel Aviv on Saturday, a plain white poster stood out with a black handwritten message: “Democracy without compromise.” Thousands of Israelis take to the streets every week to protest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reforms that would give politicians more influence in choosing judges.

11 nomads killed in avalanche in northern Pakistan

At least 11 people were killed after an avalanche struck members of nomadic tribes traveling through Pakistan’s northern mountains, the country’s disaster management agency said on Saturday. An avalanche hit a group of homes on Shunter Top Pass late Friday, injuring 13 others. At an altitude of 4,420 m (14,501 ft), the pass connects the Astore district of the Gilgit-Baltistan region with the bordering Kashmir valley.

Tens of thousands protest mass shooting, government policy in Serbia

Tens of thousands of people braved storms in Belgrade on Saturday to join an anti-government protest against two mass shootings that left 18 dead, blaming the deaths on a culture of violence that critics say authorities allow to infiltrate society. A teenage boy killed nine students and a security guard in Belgrade on May 3, Serbia’s first mass shooting at a school, a day before a 21-year-old man died outside the city 8 students were killed.

Truce reduces fighting in Sudan, but humanitarian crisis barely eases

Khartoum was calmer on Saturday as a seven-day ceasefire appeared to have reduced fighting between two rival military factions, although it has yet to deliver promised humanitarian relief to the millions trapped in the Sudanese capital. On Monday, two warring parties – the Sudanese army and a paramilitary group known as the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – signed a truce aimed at ensuring safe passage of humanitarian aid and brokering an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Initiated broader talks.

Erdogan prepares to extend rule in Türkiye runoff

Turks voted in Sunday’s presidential runoff election, which could see Tayyip Erdogan extend his rule into a third decade and strengthen Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian, hard-line foreign policy and unorthodox economic governance. Erdogan, 69, defied the polls to comfortably lead rival Kemal Kilidaroglu by almost 5 percentage points in the first round on May 14. But in a race where he came within less than 50 percent of what was needed to avoid a runoff would have profound implications for Turkey itself and global geopolitics.

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