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Below is a summary of the current world news briefing.

Relatives mourn death of Titanic submarine after ‘catastrophic implosion’

Relatives and colleagues mourned the death of five people on Friday when a submersible imploded in the North Atlantic during a deep dive of the Titanic wreck, raising questions about safety rules for such deep-sea expeditions. A robotic submersible deployed on a Canadian ship as part of an international rescue effort discovered on Thursday the wreckage of a Titan submersible that had been missing since Sunday.

Biden, Modi hail new era of U.S.-India ties, tout deal

U.S. President Joe Biden and Narendra Modi hailed a new era in relations between the two countries after the White House rolled out the red carpet for India’s prime minister on Thursday, touting defense and business deals aimed at countering China’s global influence. “Two great countries, two great friends, two great strengths. Cheers,” Biden said to Modi as he toasted him at the state dinner. Modi replied: “You speak softly, but when you act, you are very strong.”

Russia won’t tell US how many nuclear warheads Belarus has

Russia will not inform the United States about the number of nuclear warheads it has deployed in Belarus or the test of a nuclear-tipped Poseidon torpedo, Interfax news agency quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying on Friday. Moscow and Minsk say Belarus has begun taking delivery of Russia’s tactical or short-range nuclear weapons that President Vladimir Putin has publicly promised to deploy as tensions between Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the West mount.

Three killed in Russian attack, southern Ukraine official says

At least three people were killed in a Russian attack in southern Ukraine on Tuesday, including two after an attack on a trolleybus company in the city of Kherson, regional officials said. Oleksandr Prokukin, governor of the Kherson region, said two men, aged 55 and 43, had been killed in a “targeted shooting” at a trolleybus company in Kherson, which he called “another Russian incident”. Terrorist attacks”.

Architects of Australia’s Indigenous referendum: ‘The whole world is watching’

The architects of the proposed changes say Australia has an opportunity to change its image as a global outlier by voting for constitutional recognition of its Indigenous peoples. Australians will be asked to hold a referendum later this year on whether to support constitutional changes to include Parliamentary Voices, an Aboriginal committee that advises parliament on matters affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples .

Pakistan’s economic collapse prompts more to risk their lives for Europe

Hamid Iqbal Bhatti worked in Saudi Arabia for more than two decades and had a thriving career, but when he returned to Pakistan three years ago, he became desperate. The economy has been battered by the pandemic, and his restaurant business has shuttered. With job avenues drying up and high inflation sapping his budget, the 47-year-old scraped together $7,600 to have traffickers smuggle him to Europe, where he hopes to rebuild what his brother Muhammad Sarwar once owned. Life. Barty, 53, told Reuters.

Israeli settlers build new outpost overnight amid escalating violence in West Bank

Israeli settlers have established several new outposts in the occupied West Bank, signaling an acceleration in settlement expansion amid a surge in violence and defying international calls to halt such projects. The Israeli military said in a statement that several outposts in the West Bank that were not authorized by Israeli officials had been detected since Thursday.

Romania is considering measures to protect farmers at Constanta port, sources say

Romanian officials are considering measures to give local farmers priority access to the Black Sea port of Constanta during the harvest season, which could limit the flow of Ukrainian grain, agriculture ministry sources said. Ukraine, one of the world’s major exporters of grains and oilseeds, has blocked its Black Sea ports following Russia’s February 2022 invasion and has found alternative shipping routes through neighboring EU countries.

Greek minister: At least 350 Pakistanis on board sinking boat near Greece

At least 350 Pakistanis were on board an overloaded boat that capsized and sank off Greece last week, Pakistan’s interior minister said on Friday, promising to arrest and prosecute those responsible for people smuggling. Rana Sanaullah told Pakistan’s parliament that the 400-person fishing boat sank on June 14 with more than 700 people on board, adding that a total of 281 Pakistani families had contacted the government for help.

Rich countries pledge hundreds of billions of dollars to climate fight

Multilateral development banks such as the World Bank are expected to find $200 billion in extra firepower for low-income economies by taking more risks, world leaders said on Friday, a move that could require more cash infusions from rich countries. Leaders gathered for a summit in Paris to discuss financing climate transition and post-COVID-19 debt burdens for poor countries, saying their plan would ensure billions of dollars of matching investment from the private sector.

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