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Revealed: From Dubai’s Museum of the Future to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, top UAE attractions sell out almost every day – News

Revealed: From Dubai’s Museum of the Future to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, top UAE attractions sell out almost every day – News

Industry experts have seen a surge in tourist bookings for everything from desert safari to helicopter rides

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Museum of the Future in Dubai. — FILE PHOTO

release time: Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 6:00 am

Last updated: Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 6:28 am

Tourism experts say the post-pandemic era has recorded a huge demand for activities in the UAE for tourists. “Dubai’s Museum of the Future and Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World top the list of things to do in the country, with tickets selling out almost every day,” said Tito Matachan, Rayna Tours sales director.

“Visitors love the activities here. They are trying every activity this country has to offer,” said Dash Anthony, General Manager of Roads Dubai.

Ferrari world. — FILE PHOTO

According to industry experts, the activities are divided into different sections such as adventure, leisure, learning, and sightseeing. “Adventure activities such as desert safaris and helicopter rides are the most popular. This year, the number of tourists trying various activities has exploded,” said Libin Varghese, sales director of Rooh Travel and Tourism. To the adventures, experts also add Dubai Swing, Skydiving Dubai, Hatta Zipline and Toboggan, and many more.

“Attractions like the Dubai Museum of the Future and the Miracle Garden are learning, and it’s topping all categories,” Varghese said.

Experts also point out that tourists prefer Dubai and Abu Dhabi as these cities offer different attractions and activities that suit their interests. “Another popular activity is cruises. Large ships take tourists from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for two nights and three days for a peaceful and relaxing time,” Varghese said.

“Marina yachting is also the most inquired activity. Tourists who want to celebrate an occasion or have a party prefer to float on the water, which is quite affordable in Dubai compared to other cities around the world,” Varghese said.

Talking about the dining section, Mathachan mentioned that the city has almost every kind of cuisine that one can expect, which makes these restaurants a must-see for tourists. “With hundreds of things to do, Dubai offers something for your taste buds. Once tourists arrive, they’re constantly on the lookout to try the many things to eat in the city,” he adds.

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