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Robert Carlyle on ‘Dark’ Childhood as ‘Lonely’ | Entertainment News


Robert Carlyle has always been “a bit withdrawn” and believes it started in his “dark” childhood.

The “Trainspotting” star’s mum left him when he was a child and he was raised by a single father in Glasgow, Scotland, and Robert admits his difficult upbringing left him feeling isolated and separated from his peers” different”.

In an interview with the Guardian, he explained: “Honestly, I’ve always been a little lonely…I’ve always thought it was dark and light, my life, because the first part of it was very dark. When I was a little boy, My mom just left.

“I was raised in Glasgow in the 60s by my father alone, there were not many single parent families, especially one with a father.

“It made me instantly different from everyone else around me. Seriously, I’ve never really talked about this before. But I think that’s probably where it started.”

Robert went on to insist he felt like an outsider at school because he was constantly reminded that he was part of a single-parent household.

He added: “When I was very young, yes, absolutely. It was the little things… In the old days, if you had to get permission to do something, the teacher would say, bring your mum’s note .And stuff like that. Of course, when you don’t have that, that’s really important, even if you’re a little boy.”

The actor now lives in Canada with his wife, Anastasia Shirley, and their three children, aged 21, 19 and 17, but he still has a home, where he grew up — but Robert says he prefers the relaxed lifestyle of Vancouver.

“I love the laid-back attitude and quality here,” he said.


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