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Interview with Rose Picicco: Navigating Excellence in the Hospitality Industry

In an exclusive interview with Rose Picicco, Managing Director at MH Premier Staffing Solutions in Dubai, we delve into her journey and insights within the realm of hospitality and business. With a unique perspective shaped by diverse cultural backgrounds and a steadfast determination for success, Rose shares her experiences and lessons learned as she spearheads a company committed to reshaping the hospitality landscape in the Middle East.

From her early career aspirations to her current accomplishments, Rose’s journey showcases the transformative power of adaptability, active listening, and a resolute commitment to quality. As the leader behind innovative initiatives like a pioneering hospitality school and a revolutionary app, Rose Picicco demonstrates that success in the hospitality industry is not just about catering to luxury lifestyles, but also about elevating the standards of service, communication, and customer satisfaction.

Join us as we explore Rose’s dynamic career trajectory, her vision for the future of her company, and the invaluable lessons she imparts for newcomers seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

Could you share a brief overview of your career journey, including key milestones and transitions?

Unfortunately, my father would have to answer this, as I am still very young in my career and have not yet achieved any significant milestones. However, I hope that soon I will experience a great achievement. What I can say is that I am very grateful to have grown up in such a fast-paced society like London, which has taught me a lot about cultural inclusivity, especially coming from two rich cultural backgrounds: Portugal and Italy. Since starting this journey only a year ago, I have met many successful people who have certainly changed my mindset and outlook on my career and business goals. Just a year ago, I was still in school, dreaming of what I’m actually doing today – opening and thriving in a business. However, as time went on during my university days, I realized that this was not the right path for me. As of now, my biggest milestone is accomplishing what I have done at such a young age.

How has your education influenced your career choices and success in this industry?

Funny enough, it wasn’t my education that had the biggest influence on my career choices; it was my determination for success and the pursuit of something distinctive. During my A-level days, one of the subjects I studied was Economics. This period opened an entirely new perspective on business for me. I encountered new laws, regulations, and company structures that I had no prior awareness of. This experience fueled my determination, affirming the existence of potential opportunities.

However, after completing my A-levels, I pursued psychology at university. My passion shifted towards comprehending human nature and exploring how life experiences shape our identities. As the year concluded, I was presented with an opportunity that prompted me to move from London to Dubai and embark on my current business venture. This endeavor allowed me to connect with exceptional minds in the hospitality industry and strive to transform how hospitality is perceived and experienced, for the better.

How do you tackle challenges in your field amidst changing market dynamics and technological advancements?

In our company we love change; we embrace it. We make sure we are always keeping up with the latest changes in hospitality and that is why Dubai is such a nice place to be, it is always changing! It also gives us an opportunity to innovate and find solutions to different problems within the service industry.

How do you ensure your company remains adaptable to emerging trends and technologies?

Well, we are presently in the process of establishing a hospitality school. Our paramount focus lies in ensuring that all technology and equipment are impeccably up-to-date. Furthermore, our curriculum will be consistently revised to align with the ever-evolving trends and behaviors within the hospitality realm. Our project is exceptionally fortunate to have Mr. Michael Kitts, the former director of culinary arts at the Emirates Academy of Hospitality, as an integral part. His profound and extensive comprehension of the mechanics of high-class service greatly enriches our endeavor.

What are your future plans or goals for your career and company?

Having recently expanded our company from London, our current priority is to establish a strong foundational base. Yet, looking ahead, we envision elevating the hospitality experience to an unparalleled level in the UAE. We hold the belief that this facet should seamlessly complement Dubai’s awe-inspiring infrastructure. This aspiration encompasses our newly developed app, which is set to revolutionize hospitality by enhancing cost-efficiency, quality control, and time management. This enhancement won’t be limited to restaurants and hotels alone; it will extend its benefits to the workforce as well.

What valuable lessons have you learned throughout your career?

One invaluable lesson I have learned in my career is the significance of active listening. I consider this skill to be paramount, particularly when contemplating the initiation of a business venture. While we may possess a certain level of understanding, it’s essential to acknowledge that others often possess a wealth of knowledge. Hence, it becomes imperative to attentively heed all advice that comes our way, even when it’s critical. This approach stands as the optimal path for fostering growth and broadening one’s overall knowledge.

How do you differentiate your services from competitors in the current market?

Our service stands out due to our unwavering commitment to quality. We don’t strive to cater to a broad audience; rather, our focus lies on a select niche of companies that uphold similar standards. Our objective is to ensure that all the services extended to our clients hold exceptional value. Each service is meticulously cultivated and maintained to the utmost standard. Even individuals without the highest level of training will be transformed into exemplary instances of exceptional hospitality through our training school.

How has your company effectively navigated and capitalized on emerging global market trends or shifts in consumer behavior?

We have observed a disparity between luxury lifestyles and quality service in various parts of the world. For instance, in many European regions, such as Italy, the standard of service quality is exceptional and is even ingrained in the cultural fabric. This sentiment similarly applies to the UK. In contrast, in locations like Dubai and other parts of the Middle East, there exists a noticeable discrepancy in terms of the delivery of effective service.

This observation has spurred us to take the initiative of transposing this golden standard from Europe to the Middle East. By doing so, we aim to bridge the gap and bring a higher level of value to this region. As a company, we firmly believe that this endeavor will flourish in an environment where luxury living is regarded with utmost seriousness.

What are the most important qualities or skills you believe beginners should cultivate in order to thrive in this industry?

Understanding customer needs and behaviors is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction. Without this insight, it becomes challenging to accurately determine the specific service expectations and standards that customers anticipate. Another essential skill in this industry is effective communication. Beyond attentive listening, the ability to convey your thoughts clearly and assertively is paramount. Strong communication is vital when interacting with a diverse range of individuals, whether they are clients, colleagues, or superiors. Speaking with confidence and assurance instills trust and a sense of security in your communication.

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