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Ròya International celebrates its 25th anniversary


Ròya International, MEA’s largest and oldest hospitality consultancy, celebrates its 25th anniversary, honoring the many current and former team members who have contributed to its enormous success.

Under the wise leadership of its founder and CEO, Ahmed Ramdan, Ròya International has been committed to nurturing young talent, recruiting Emirati nationals into the hospitality industry and demonstrating authentic Emirati hospitality.

Established in Dubai in 1998, Ròya International has grown from a small local business to a world-renowned hospitality consultancy with renowned blue-chip clients in 35 countries,

Over the past 25 years, the hospitality consultancy’s team has grown from just two hospitality specialists to over 50 experienced professionals spread across the firm’s regional offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Riyadh place. In another major milestone for the group, Ròya International will mark its 25th anniversary by opening its first European office in Athens, Greece, in the fourth quarter of 2023.

For over two decades, the group has been providing opportunities for budding Emirati and international hospitality professionals to work on a wide range of major projects ranging from luxury hotels, major tourist destinations and innovative dining destinations.To date, Ròya International has brought over 15 leading hotel brands to the region, participated in over 120 hotel management agreements and advised on key regional government projects in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Committed to providing a healthy, inspiring and motivating work environment, many of the group’s employees have been with the brand for 10 to 18 years.

Some of these team members have been with the incubator since fresh out of school. Ròya International launched its International Internship Program in 2015, inviting graduates of the world’s top hotel management schools in Switzerland and France to study and learn alongside Ròya employees. Given the success of the program, the team then brought it to the UAE in 2022. Emirati interns from Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi Sorbonne University and other local educational institutions can now gain first-hand experience and on-the-job training with the UAE’s most iconic hospitality consultancy.

Kate Harrison, Director of Hospitality Consulting at Ròya International says: “My 16 years at Ròya have helped me develop and broaden my knowledge on a wide range of hospitality topics. It has also exposed me to different nationalities, cultures and hierarchies that I would otherwise have These will never be encountered. Ròya tested me, put me in situations beyond my comfort level, and showed me that I have the strength and the solutions to overcome any challenge.”

In addition to an exceptional employee retention rate, Ròya International prides itself on being a springboard for those just starting their careers in the hospitality industry. Many former Ròya International employees have been hired by major international groups such as Marriott, IHG, PwC, Jones Lang LaSalle and Knight Frank, which enjoys its position as the world’s leading hospitality talent incubator. – trade arab news agency


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