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RTA builds 3 rest stops for delivery motorbike drivers


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Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has called on the UAE business community to bid for the construction of three integrated rest stops for delivery motorbike drivers in the emirate.

The invitation to tender reaffirms RTA’s commitment to support the government in expanding private partnerships to enable knowledge sharing and exchange of expertise.

These sites will be located in three important locations.

The first is located on Sheikh Zayed Road near Jebel Ali Village Festival Square, the second is located in Port Saeed, near Al Muraqabat Street 22, and the third is located in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2, near Al Manama Street .

By launching this vital project, RTA aims to make delivery drivers happier by providing the essential services they need such as maintenance, refueling, rest areas and restaurants.

At these facilities, RTA will provide educational materials on public safety and quality regulation.

The project is in line with RTA’s efforts to standardize and enhance the security of its delivery business, which has experienced significant growth over the past few years. By December 2022, the number of delivery service companies in Dubai will reach 2,891, an increase of 48.3% compared to 2021, in addition to more than 36 online delivery companies operating through smart platforms and applications.

The RTA has plans to build permanent and temporary rest stops for drivers to meet the industry’s rapid growth. In order to improve the efficiency and safety of this important business, we have launched a series of initiatives such as the issuance of professional rider certificates, delivery service excellence awards, and seminars to familiarize drivers with traffic laws to ensure their safety and other road use Provide high-quality consumer services for the safety of consumers.

RTA is always looking to build and facilitate relationships with delivery service providers and solve their daily challenges. It is also participating in joint ventures to upgrade the delivery market, which will simplify business practices in Dubai.

The delivery business holds the investment prospect of stimulating the Dubai economy and generating yields that will enable investors to obtain a viable return on investment, in addition to enhancing Dubai’s leading role in this important market segment.


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