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RTA opens Transport Research and Innovation Pavilion at University of Birmingham, Dubai


Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Working Applications, Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and Al Hashimi, Deputy Cabinet Affairs Minister for Strategic Affairs, Huda for RTA The Transport Research and Innovation Pavilion (TRIP) was unveiled, the first of its kind in partnership with the prestigious University of Birmingham Dubai.

TRIP aims to simplify ongoing research efforts by focusing on infrastructure, urban planning and sustainability. It aspires to be a center for hosting creative and youth projects, supporting start-ups in marketing innovation, disseminating a culture of innovation, organizing events to create a creative-stimulating work environment, getting acquainted with innovation programs and accelerators, and publishing professional scientific research in this field.

Al Olama emphasized that the UAE is keen to support innovation and innovators, and its strategic vision and future plans underpin the high quality and unique efforts of the research industry, which in turn enhances the UAE’s status as a host country for innovation and start-ups globally. “These efforts are aimed at elevating these practices to the highest international standards and promoting pioneering research innovation in the UAE.”

“Advanced science and artificial intelligence technologies are critical to strengthening national efforts and establishing scientific and research partnerships at the federal and local levels to support the ‘UAE Innovate 2023’ programme. These efforts help to prepare the current generation to adopt robotics as a tool for creating new Integral to ideas and future technologies,” Al Olama added.

Mattar Al Tayer emphasized the importance of the center and its contribution to creating innovative mobility communities. He praised the center’s role in developing smart mobility solutions that help realize RTA’s vision.

“A world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility” and mission: “To provide seamless and safe travel through innovative, sustainable mobility solutions and services that make every trip in Dubai a world-class experience”, moreover It also enhances Dubai’s status as a global incubator for innovation and start-ups and develops innovative solutions to current and future mobility challenges. The center targets start-ups, government and non-government entities, academia, technology companies, innovation incubators and key suppliers of RTAs,” added Al Tayer, praising the partnership with the University of Birmingham.

Huda Al Hashmi said the UAE leadership believes in the importance of sustainability as a pillar of innovation and professional research. She highlighted the UAE government’s keenness to promote a culture of innovation by launching targeted initiatives in partnership with local government institutions.

“The opening of the RTA Mobile Research and Innovation Center helps strengthen the UAE’s position as a global hub for sustainable innovation. It reflects the message of the sustainability-focused ‘UAE Innovate 2023’ and seeks to translate the leadership’s directives into Build capacity in qualified human resources, support start-ups operating in the mobile space and roll out communications-focused initiatives for a holistic innovation culture,” she added.


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