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An unexpected disaster hit the world last week. It’s difficult, but it comes quickly. This was completely unexpected, given the focus of attention on the devastating Ukrainian-Russian war and shooting clashes in Sudan. When will human beings wake up and destroy and pollute the world that provides a school for their development? Did they realize the magnitude of the iniquity upon which they had borne, and that they must atone until they could wash the filthy “linen”? These thoughts may cross the minds of the relevant assemblies, communities and countries, and the world at large. And then this: the GBam, a tragic dive implosion that killed the pilot and four passengers instantly. The leading news agency, the Associated Press, called the incident an “international disaster.”

The ocean-going vessel was wrecked off the coast of the United States last Thursday. The U.S. Coast Guard led the initial search and rescue operation, according to the Associated Press. On Friday, the company said it had found the wreckage about 12,500 feet (3,810 meters) underwater. Oddly, if I may add, “near the wreck of the Titanic it’s exploring” is instructive. It’s instructive that I say this because the ship that exploded in the ocean last week is called the Titan, and the famous wreck it’s looking for is called the Titanic, which sank in 1912. Does the similarity in names make no sense? The Titanic was hit and sunk by an iceberg near the Titanic launch area while en route from England to New York. The men involved in this disastrous exploration came from the United Kingdom, Pakistan, France and the United States. I’ll come back to this later.

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board said it would investigate the Titan’s mother ship and a support ship called the Polar Prince, according to apnews.com, the digital edition of the Associated Press. During the Titan’s voyage, the Polar Prince carried 17 crew members and 24 passengers. It is believed that in the course of the investigation, the suspicion of “lax supervision in the field of deep-sea exploration” will surface. Salvatore Mercogliano, a professor specializing in maritime history and policy at Campbell University in North Carolina, is said to have said such expeditions have received less scrutiny than companies that send people into space. The Titan is allegedly “not registered as a U.S. vessel, nor is it registered with a safety regulator. And it is not classified by a maritime industry organization that sets standards for issues such as hull construction.” When contact with the tragic vessel was lost , hopes of finding the tragic ship and its passengers have faded. It was also realized that its 96-hour air supply must have been exhausted, and the Coast Guard, which led the initial rescue operation, reported finding the wreckage of the submersible about 1,600 feet (488 meters) from the Titanic.

On April 10, 1912, the Titanic made her maiden voyage with 2,240 crew and passengers on board. On April 15, about five days after it set off from Southampton, England, for New York, it hit an iceberg, broke in two, and sank to the bottom of the ocean. More than 1,500 passengers and crew died in the incident. The early 1900s were a boom time for shipping travel, especially transatlantic shipping. It is competitive and highly rewarding for those who invest in it, generating profits for the bank. Due to high demand for seats on ocean liners, the two companies decided to expand their facilities. They decided to purchase three large ships to meet market demand for expanded accommodation and facilities – the Olympic, Titanic and Britannic. Britain is especially famous for shipping and ocean liners, not only for commerce but also for war. In the Falklands War in 1982 alone, the Iron Lady and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dispatched 100 ships to recover the Falklands invaded by Argentina. The violence comes as British authorities say the islands are part of a British Overseas Territory, which is also claimed by Argentina. The battle lasted about two and a half months and left 900 dead in what historians say is one of the most destructive major conflicts since the Eleventh World War.

The Titanic is gorgeously furnished with sparkling decorations. It’s so huge that there are four elevators. It features a spacious first-class dining room and swimming pool. Its second-class facilities are said to be comparable to first-class facilities on other classes of ships. According to the online publication Britannica.com, this level of luxury is known as the “Millionaire’s Special.” Third class is renowned for its taste and relative comfort. Special attention has been paid to safety, with door facilities to contain water should any problems arise. In fact, it was built in such a way that the four compartments could be flooded without posing any danger. The facilities provided led the world who had heard of the Titanic to conclude that it was invincible, indestructible and unsinkable. It is 882.5 feet (269 meters) long and 92.5 feet (28.2 meters) wide on one side. It has a capacity of 52,000 tons.

The ship made trial runs in 1911 and 10 April 1912 before her maiden voyages. When it reached France, the docks were too small to accommodate the Titanic, and passengers had to take ferries to and fro. After the final stop in Ireland, there were 2,200 people on board, 1,300 of whom were passengers. During its voyage, radio operators received numerous reports of iceberg warnings. At one point, the Titanic was not warned about the ice sheet warning. It was soon surrounded by icebergs, and Nestor’s binoculars went missing. When it was hit by an iceberg, five infallible watertight compartments burst. A distress call has been sent, but the nearest rescue location is still three hours away. Rescue ships nearby turned off their radios during the night. Lifeboats are far from adequate. Even while waiting for a few lifeboats, Titanic’s musicians played in the first-class lounge, before finally realizing what was happening before moving onto the ship’s deck. Passengers naturally panicked. Everyone on board felt hopeless and “everyone was only thinking about themselves”. Finally, the lights went out and the Titanic broke in two. The ship sank, many fell into the icy water, and nearly all died from exposure to the freezing water. The third group was reported to have suffered the most, with 710 deaths reported. The last song of the musicians is said to be: “Closer to My God”.

The company’s chief executive is said to have repeatedly ignored warnings about the safety of OceanGate’s Titan submersible in an “email exchange with a leading deep-sea exploration specialist,” the BBC Online reported. “In messages seen by the BBC, Rob McCallum told OceanGate chief executive Stockton Rush he could be putting his clients at risk and urged him to stop Use the submarine until certified by an independent agency.”

The BBC report quoted Mr Rush as responding that he was “tired of industry players trying to use security arguments to thwart innovation.” He was said to have expressed frustration with criticism of Titan’s security measures. Mr McCallum wrote: “I think you are putting yourself and your clients at risk. In your Titanic race you are parodying the catchphrase: ‘She is unsinkable.’ “

Rush said in an email: “We often hear baseless cries of ‘you’re going to kill’. I take that as a gravely personal insult.” However, Mr McCallum told the BBC that he had “repeatedly Urge this company to seek certification on Titan before using it for commercial tourism. The boat was never certified or classed. A submarine should not be used for commercial deep diving operations until it has been classed, tested and verified. I implore you at Be extra careful in testing and sea trials and be very, very conservative. As much as I appreciate entrepreneurship and innovation, you can put an entire industry at risk.”

Days later, Mr Rush defended his business and his credentials, saying: “OceanGate’s engineering-focused approach to innovation … runs counter to submersible orthodoxy, but that’s the nature of innovation.”

Mr McCallum is not giving up. What did he see, his warning ringing so loudly in his ears? What signal did he choose? He wrote again: “Sea trials will determine whether the vehicle can handle what you intend to do with it, so again please be careful and play safe. There are more rides than Titanic.”

According to the BBC, Mr Rush founded OceanGate in 2009, “which offers customers the opportunity to experience deep-sea travel, including boarding the wreck of the Titanic, for $250,000 (£195, £600)”.

Predictably, perceptions of this disastrous expedition are bound to vary. Despite unease and prophetic warnings, many saw nothing wrong with the men’s adventurous spirit. Some see it as a path of discovery. There are no adventures, no gains, and no progress. As the saying goes, no effort, no gain. Margaret Thatcher would have said: “He who dares wins.” These were the words many Britons considered a source of British national pride when she dispatched British troops to the Falkland Islands in 1982. Symbolism, but many sentient beings would consider it a crime. The words of warning apply throughout the world, but the thoughts and actions of war that give rise to the statement are criminal.

A young public figure friend of mine sees Titan Quest as an innovation, but the truth is sad indeed. He pointed out in a letter to me that the world has grown out of such bold actions. He wrote: “They are people in the arena. They tried and failed. It’s a pity they don’t get a second chance. I’m sure others will learn from their mistakes, improve and succeed. That’s what it means to be human Story.This seemingly meaningless but daring mission has completely changed the destiny of mankind.

“Don’t cry for them. The University of Bologna, the first surviving university in the world, was not accredited by anyone when it was founded in AD 1088. Accreditation is for established systems. I went to Jamestown with my family to visit A replica of the Susa Constantine, the first ship to arrive from England in 1607. Today, no ship registry would mark the ship for carrying people. The imploding Titanic submersible is our conquest Pioneers of seas, mountains and space…we try, fail, succeed, learn, evolve and improve. This is the story of humanity.”

There is no doubt that this comment is persuasive. But the problem goes far beyond that. For example, is there any possible link between Mr. Rush and the sinking of the Titanic disaster in 1912? Deep reflection is required. What do humans gain by looking at the wreck of the Titanic, which sank in 1912? and more! I will discuss this topic next week.


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