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Sam Faiers slammed for complaining about ‘tiring’ first class flight home from Abu Dhabi


Sam Fairs She has come under fire after complaining about her “tiring” holiday in Abu Dhabi and the “difficult” first-class flight home.

The 32-year-old influencer spent a week in the UAE on a PR holiday with sister Billie and mum Suzie, promoting the country through her social media posts.

After sending her 2.5 million followers bikini-clad photos on a golden beach and glimpses of her luxury hotel, Sam’s post about her flight home took a notable turn.

She shared a selfie cradling her nine-month-old son Edward in her first-class seat, stressing how ‘difficult’ it was for herself and her partner Paul Knightley Going on vacation with their children, son Paul, seven, and daughter Rosie, five.

She began: “It’s actually tough going on vacation with a baby, especially a crawling, teething baby.”

‘Read the room, we’re in a cost of living crisis!’: Sam Faiers slammed by fans for complaining about her ‘difficult’ first-class flight home from Abu Dhabi after free family holiday

Sam continued: “We had the best time in the sun, swimming, exploring, sightseeing and eating lots of ice cream every day, but tiring, remember no one said it was easy.”

“As for the flight home, Edward slept about an hour out of the 7.5 hours and it’s safe to say I’m doing everything I can to keep him happy and not cry.”

She went on to thank the “helpful and friendly” staff at Etihad Airways for helping her when she was “embarrassed” about flying with a baby.

However, the post immediately angered her followers, who were quick to point out that it seemed to fall on deaf ears at a time when many are struggling with a cost of living crisis.

Other fans pointed out that it would be harder to fly economy class, and asked Sam to “peruse the room” and learn about her “privileges.”

They commented: “This post is wrong, you are honored to fly business class/first class, I admit you work hard, but posting this about how hard it is to travel with 3 kids doesn’t do it justice for all the lovely Follower, who imagines that I am/are traveling in economy class with young children where they don’t even have their own seat until 2”;

‘Just be glad you don’t have the economy! ‘; ‘Just don’t know how you handle business! ‘; “Yeah, it’s really hard when you’re sitting in first class”; “Oh shut up, it’s so hard about living in a luxury resort”;

‘Maybe try doing it in an economy where most of your followers are, then you’ll know it’s tough’; ‘My heart bleeds. Read Room Sam. The rest of us are exhausted by life during the cost of living crisis. [sic]’

Fun in the sun: The 32-year-old influencer spent a week on a family holiday in the UAE with sister Billie and mum Suzy, promoting the country through her social media posts during a PR
Not impressed: The post immediately angered her followers, who were quick to point out that it seemed incoherent at a time when many are struggling with a cost-of-living crisis

Sam also has support from followers who point out that caring for young children is tough in any setting.

“It looks like you’re having fun, it’s okay people are jealous” they wrote; “Babies and children are babies and children no matter what class we choose, no matter where they are, but it’s nice to see that money doesn’t Happiness can always be bought, nice to see reality”;

“If people want to pay, they can take control of any seat they like. This article is about flying in general and keeping the kids busy etc. [sic].’

The mother of three quickly edited the post after the backlash, disabling comments and changing the caption to read: “Sweet Home ❤️ @etihad @visitabudhabi #findyourpace #inabudhabi #ad ✈️.”

This is not the first time Sam has found herself in hot water on a plane, she has previously British Airways staff scolded for being too loud on New York trip with mum and sister.

The former TOWIE star also came under fire when he was arrested during the Covid lockdown Breaking travel rules to fly to Maldives to celebrate 30th birthday with family.

There has been a backlash in recent months against “tone-deaf” influencers who complain about their lives, while a growing number of Brits struggle to make ends meet amid a cost of living crisis.

Love Island star Molly May Haig slammed after her Her ‘excruciating’ workload is detailed in video tracking her work with PrettyLittleThing – a title that comes with a six-figure salary.

Empathy: Sam also has support from followers who point out caring for young children is tough in any setting

Meanwhile, the influential Lydia Millen Slammed for bragging about booking exclusive Savoy hotel After complaining that the heating in her Buckinghamshire home wasn’t working.

Lydia shared a video with her 739,000 TikTok followers showing her getting ready to check into the exclusive five-star hotel – which costs up to £1,000 a night.

Explaining her last-minute trip, Lydia said: “The heating in my house is not working right now so I’m going to London.

“I’m staying at the Savoy and I’m going to take full advantage of their wonderful hot water. So let’s get ready for the day!


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