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Samsung to train 108 UAE residents on AI

Samsung to train 108 UAE residents on AI

Samsung Gulf Electronics announced the final list of 108 candidates for the second Samsung Innovation Campus, selected from 780 young applicants representing 20 countries in the UAE.

Held with the theme “Together for Tomorrow!”! Enabling People’, Innovation Campus brings Samsung’s signature artificial intelligence course in partnership with the UAE Office of Artificial Intelligence and the National Coders Programme.

The plan is in line with the UAE’s National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence 2031, which aims to transform the UAE into a world leader in artificial intelligence by investing in people and industries critical to mission success.

perfect platform

The 3-month virtual course begins on January 12th. It will provide the perfect platform for committed learners with a STEAM background (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) to build on their machine learning (ML) knowledge and build in-depth knowledge of AI fundamentals and its related applications learn. Renowned artificial intelligence experts Christophe Zoghbi and Mrad Sleiman will teach and mentor students.

Shafi Alam, Head of Direct-to-Consumer Business and Enterprise Marketing, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “Artificial intelligence will impact every sector of our society. This evolution is driving unprecedented demand for AI skills in countries such as the UAE, where digital transformation is taking place. Accelerate. As a long-term digital partner to the country’s public and private sectors, Samsung is committed to supporting these goals by leveraging our expertise and technology. I congratulate the final 108 candidates and look forward to creative ideas to advance our Society moves forward.”

The program’s specialized courses define key tools and applications in the AI ​​and machine learning-related workplace. Following an introduction to AI and machine learning, successful applicants will benefit from interacting with expert instructors through live online sessions to gain a clear understanding of the technical process of AI, followed by short exercises designed to assess learners’ progress. The course will be delivered through a blended learning format consisting of live interactive lessons and self-paced learning, where learners will have access to content presentations and pre-recorded instructional videos covering statistics, algorithms and programming to enhance their learning journey.

machine learning

By the end of the course, students will be able to understand the statistical and mathematical foundations of machine learning and understand Python’s utilities and libraries for machine learning algorithms.

Additionally, they will learn to apply these algorithms to real datasets and build projects while following the data science life cycle. Participants will be required to attend the entire course and complete the required tasks and quizzes to demonstrate their progress toward a certificate of completion. — trade arab news agency

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