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Scotland’s Emtelle hails ‘transformative’ investment in Abu Dhabi

The company announced that it will invest approximately US$50 million in the United Arab Emirates facility under a bespoke agreement with the Khalifa Economic Zone in Abu Dhabi, providing a platform to meet the growing needs of customers in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

The investment comes as Emtelle continues to grow its global manufacturing footprint, including a new facility across the Atlantic.

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Emtelle CEO Tony Rogers said: “This agreement marks a significant milestone for Emtelle, the Middle East and Asia Pacific and world. This is a huge statement of intent for Emtelle as we will have the manufacturing space needed to increase capacity.

“In turn, this will significantly shorten the supply chain and guarantee security of supply to existing and new customers. This will enable countries in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific to rapidly and significantly enhance their fiber networks to meet current demand environment Unprecedented demand for blown fiber optic, cabling and ducting solutions.

“Emtelle’s journey has been one of continuous innovation in the development of high quality blown fiber and tubing solutions. Our mission is to innovate and develop new products to meet growing demand and respond effectively to customer requests in order to be more sustainable and future-proof digital infrastructure products.”

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Emtelle will install machines at its Abu Dhabi factory to provide customers with market Such as UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq, Oman, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, providing micro-catheter, bundle-catheter and pre-connector solutions for fiber optic networks.

Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, CEO, Khalifa Economic Zone, KEZAD Group Abu Dhabi, said: “The UAE has always been at the forefront of technological advancement in the region. Emtelle’s establishment of its global central hub in Abu Dhabi speaks volumes about KEZAD’s ability to connect businesses to the world ability to get up.

“Today, we are proud to enter the beginning of an era in which digital connectivity in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific will be possible in KEZAD.”

Sanjay Nischal, Emtelle Managing Director (Middle East and Asia Pacific), said: “This signing reaffirms Emtelle’s commitment to the region, especially the UAE. of manufactured goods are exported globally. Emtelle can now help its customers increase the speed and reliability of fiber optic network deployments, especially in fiber-to-the-home deployments.”

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