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Selena Gomez’s pal Raquelle Stevens responds to documentary backlash

Selena Gomez’s pal Raquelle Stevens responds to documentary backlash

Selena Gomez’s friend Raquel Stevens speaks out about criticism of the singer-actor’s documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me.

during the appearance chicks in the office During the podcast episode, the 30-year-old received backlash from fans during a moment with Gomez that was dubbed “toxic” in the documentary.

In one scene in the film, Stevens, Gomez’s friend of more than a decade, questions why she doesn’t want to attend a friend’s birthday party and accuses her of being unhappy.

“I think it’s a great reminder that when people are scrolling through Instagram or scrolling through TikTok, or you’re watching a documentary, and you get a glimpse into someone’s life, you don’t see the whole picture,” Stevens said.

“The truth is, we’ve had a friendship over the last ten years because it’s real, it’s honest, and I’m very grateful for that. I’m grateful that it was included in the documentary because I think it’s important to watch, I think It’s amazing that Selena welcomes honesty in her friendships, and I welcome that in my life.”

Speaking of the backlash, Stevens said, “Anytime you do anything public in your life, you’re subject to other people’s opinions … If you’re not willing to take the pressure, you’re not even going to be there .”

“The most important thing to me is that this documentary is a beautiful piece of work that Selena shared with the world so vulnerablely,” she added. “It’s her life story, and part of what’s included in that documentary is our friendship, which is special and honest and real.”

Asked whether the criticism affected her, she revealed: “When your inner life is strong and you’re living with integrity, you sleep soundly every night.”

“No matter what you’re facing, what you’re going through, there’s peace in living a life of integrity, so I’m really safe in who I am. I know what kind of friend I am,” she said.

Before closing, Stevens noted, “Anyone can say anything, but I have an unshakable peace.”

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