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Serco launches Middle East aerospace division

Serco, an international public service company, officially launched its Middle Eastern space division while participating in the SpaceOps conference in the UAE.

At the same time, the company announced the appointment of Amar Vora, transferred from the UK’s space department, as head of the regional space team.

Internationally, Serco is a leading name in the aerospace industry and currently employs more than 2,000 specialists worldwide. For over 40 years, Serco has supported civil and military space programmes, including the European Space Agency (since its inception), the UK Ministry of Defense and the US Space Command.

This wealth of knowledge and expertise will be brought to the region with the establishment of the Serco Middle East space division to support the ambitious Vision 2030 goals of the Saudi Space Council and the KSA government, as well as activities in other local markets, bringing The country’s vision for life.

An international team from Serco participated in the 17th SpaceOps event, including Vora. SpaceOps is hosted by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center at the Dubai World Trade Center from March 6-10.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Vora is a leader in the development of solutions for space sustainability, Earth observation, space data services and more, working closely with several government space agencies including the European Space Agency.

In addition to building on Serco’s long-standing international experience, Vora and his team will prioritize local recruitment and capacity building, providing training and a strong career development program. This reflects Serco’s strong skills agenda in other markets, which includes training engineers in Europe and the UK to support government programmes.

Serco plans to build local capabilities on top of their current global offering of full range of consultancy, advisory and operational space services covering the full lifecycle of a mission, from spacecraft and mission design to data management, operations and decommissioning, including spacecraft control , Ground Section Operations and Engineering.

Phil Malem, Chief Executive Officer of Serco Middle East, said: “In building our Middle East space division, Serco will bring decades of experience and expertise to a region where capabilities may still be relatively new, but where the potential and resources are rapidly growing. Become one of the world’s leading countries in the aerospace industry.

“Under the direction of Amar Vora, a highly skilled member of our international space sector, we will establish a local sector with locally trained team members that will support the Saudi government and the Saudi Space Council in Vision 2030 goals, as well as provide a wide range of spatial services for the benefit of local governments and the private sector across the region.”

Daniel MacGregor, Director of Corporate Development at Serco, who oversees the strategy to bring the space division to the region, said: “Serco’s space division is adaptable and agile in the work we are doing globally – which is a perfect fit for the emerging space sector in the Middle East. market. Our approach will push boundaries and deliver on the Saudi government’s Vision 2030 and wider but achievable ambitions through extensive innovative, experimental work.”

Vora added: “It is an honor to be asked to lead this work in such an exciting region, which we firmly believe will break new ground in what we can do in space. As a team, we are also very much looking forward to leveraging local talent capabilities and skills to achieve great things together. The opportunities for Saudi Arabia in space and in the region are simply limitless.” – trade arab news agency

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