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Sidney Romeiro works at the Brazilian Embassy in Abu Dhabi


Bruna García Fonseca

Sao Paulo – Diplomat Sidney Leon Romero (As shown in FIG) is the new Brazilian ambassador to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He will take office in August. The Senate confirmed Romero’s nomination last week on July 4. Romero has served as Director of the Middle East Department of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2019. It will be the 61-year-old diplomat’s first post as ambassador.

This Monday (10th), Romero visited the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) in São Paulo and was welcomed by the organization’s president, Ambassador Osmar Joffi, and the director of institutional relations, Fernanda Baltazar . Romero was interviewed by the ANBA.

Jofi (left) presents a gift to Romero (right)

“I’m excited; as my first assignment, this position will be very challenging and with the economic importance of boosting trade and strengthening other areas of the bilateral relationship such as culture, it opens up many avenues for our work ; science and technology – the UAE is currently prominent in investment in science, technology and innovation, especially in artificial intelligence – so I am very motivated to work in so many areas and to be able to give a greater dimension to this relationship,” Romero told the ANBA.

The diplomat said relations between Brazil and the UAE had reached the level of a strategic partnership. “It means having long-term goals and objectives in our relationship and a greater commitment in different areas, not only in promoting trade and investment, but also in defense, tourism and multilateral affairs – the UAE is now occupying a seat on [UN] “It’s the same with the Security Council, and it’s the same with us — so there’s more understanding between the two countries,” he declared.

Romero’s biggest challenge as ambassador to Abu Dhabi may be juggling an already hectic work schedule. “Significant interest has been shown by many sectors, governments, private and public entities; [We have] The consular aspect is also growing in importance; 10,000 Brazilians are already working there,” he said.

In the UAE, Romero has only visited Dubai. “Since receiving the honorable nomination of the President, I have been preparing a lot. I have read a lot, talked to different stakeholders in the country, and I am very excited. I think a modern country is waiting for me, it is One of the most promising of the 22 Arab League countries, a future-oriented country that brings a new appreciation for modernity, audacity and initiative in the region. I think I’ll find one with Brazil at this moment Countries with similarities, this is a time of growth and reform. It’s the perfect mix of what they expect from us and what we can offer, and vice versa,” he said.

The main objective of the ambassador is to strengthen the connections and numbers in terms of trade and investment, explore other areas such as culture, and increase the number of tourists from the UAE to Brazil.

(from left to right) Romero, Gioffi and Baltazar

One of the topics of his meeting with Chohfi and Baltazar was the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) twenty-eighth meeting of the conference of the parties), which will be held in Dubai later this year. A parallel event is expected to take place alongside this event, and Romero hopes to see more projects related to energy transition, sustainable development and ESG from Brazilian companies. Baltazar advised Emirati businessmen to visit Belem, where COP30 will be held in 2025. UAE investment funds such as Mubadala and Adia can also invest in the green economy.

“I am very happy to be working ahead of the Brazilian embassy. There will be COP28 and the president will probably visit the governors of many states. I hope to have the energy to carry out all these demands and initiative agendas,” declared Romero.

The ABCC chairman said Romero would find a favorable environment for the effective development of relations between the two countries and that the ABCC could help, including with its international office in Dubai.


Sidney Leon Romeiro was born in 1962 in San Caetano do Sul, in the São Paulo metropolitan area. He holds a LL.B. from the University of São Paulo (USP), where he studied for a law degree. Obtained a master’s degree in international law. In 1995, he entered the Rio Branco Academy of the Brazilian Diplomatic School. In Brasilia, the nation’s capital, Romero served in the offices of the President of the Republic and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

From 2015 to 2018, he was Counselor to the Minister of Economy at the Brazilian Embassy in London, UK. From 2018 to 2019, he also served as Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General in London. He also served as a Mission to the United Nations in New York (2002-2006) and the Brazilian Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel (2006-2010) and Amman, Jordan (2010-2013).

Translated by Elucio Basileiro

Bruna Garcia/ANBA

Bruna Garcia/ANBA

Bruna Garcia/ANBA


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