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SIDUS HEROES wins Metaverse award for UAE’s top game

SIDUS HEROES wins Metaverse award for UAE’s top game

February 5, Dubai. hero star Recognized as a leader in Metaverse development in the region. HE Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Cabinet and Minister of Tolerance, awarded the prestigious Metaverse Games Gold Award of Excellence to Roman Povolotskii, CEO of publisher SIDUS GATES.

SIDUS HEROES Wins Metaverse Games Gold Award

SIDUS HEROES won the coveted Metaverse Games Gold Award of Excellence for “extraordinary contributions to aiding the UAE economy or organizations related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain”. The decision was passed at the Gold Excellence Awards ceremony, one of the most esteemed award ceremonies in the UAE. The awards ceremony concluded on February 5 with a gala evening where the winners were announced.

Roman Povolotskii, CEO of SIDUS GATES, thanked the organizers and pledged to further develop the program while accepting the award.

“This award is proof that we’re doing the right thing and is gradually changing attitudes towards the GameFi industry as a whole,” Roman said, “It’s important to us to prove that GameFi isn’t just another bubble, but a fully viable Game Model.” An industry that could completely replace traditional gaming over time. We strive to build a project where users can not only enjoy the game, but also monetize their game time. We are striving to be the market leader in this new reality. “

SIDUS GATES CEO Roman Povolotskii received the Gold Award for Best Metaverse Platform from HE Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyan, UAE Cabinet Minister and Minister of Tolerance.

Dubai recently announced plans to become the center of the global metaverse. They have increased investment in the industry by up to $4 billion by 2030, while government officials have announced a strategy that will see the metaverse economy account for 1% of the UAE’s GDP.

The SIDUS HEROES team has been working to create a Game P2E Virtual Universe Since 2021, a unique “modular economy” has also been introduced. The solution builds game modules for in-game transactions based on users investing in-game resources and funds. Once a module is operational, its investors will receive lifetime royalties from every transaction made through the module. In this way, players can become co-owners of the game metaverse, earning passive income.

STAR HEROES at the Cashaa Blockchain Summit

The SIDUS HEROES team led by Povolotskii was the guest of honor at the event. In panel discussions and public speaking sessions, Roman shared his vision for the future of GameFi and the implications of the Metaverse for the Web3 economy.

“In the future, we plan to share ‘NFTize’ players’ modules. Therefore, we want to make game progress and the time spent extracting game resources real financial assets that users can store, sell, donate or inherit,” said Povolotskii, ” This is a revolutionary idea that changes the whole concept of gaming. Every minute you spend in the game is monetized. Your game becomes your business. You can actually earn money from the time you spend in the game. Through success management, it can become your main source of income! We are very happy to be recognized by the society!”

Senna Championship

Event guests had the opportunity to experience the virtual universe and its loot by participating in tournaments in the newly released game Xenna.this RTS Battle Royale Xenna The competition plunges guests into a world of space combat and exploration.

Most of the guests were playing the game for the first time, but it still generated genuine interest. Xenna is designed to be easy for everyone to pick up and play, regardless of gaming experience. The winner received a Legendary Facility NFT, while everyone received a Common Harvester NFT for their participation.

The Xenna NFT opens access to a unique Metaverse resource called Convenience Oil; a valuable asset for millions of other players willing to use it for greater profit opportunities.

Cryptocurrency educator and influencer Davinci Jeremie and SIDUS GATES CEO Roman Povolotskii (left) at the Xenna Championships. Highlights from the Xenna Championship (right).

due recognition

Winning this high-level international award shows that the development strategy of SIDUS HEROES is effective. In just one year, the project team managed to enter a large alliance metaverse company and lead many of its users to financial success. Explosive growth of the SIDUS HEROES ecosystem is planned for the next few years and will be further fueled by the introduction of new projects and aggressive marketing. This approach to development and growth will position the company at the forefront of the GameFi industry.

About THE CASHAA Blockchain Summit

CASHAA Blockchain Summit & Excellence Gold Award Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Cabinet and Minister of Tolerance, UAE, is one of the most esteemed awards series in the Middle East. The event program continued throughout February 5, with Blockchain Summit guests and speakers gathered at the hotel. Among the guests were many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, blockchain professionals and government officials, including Francois Rubota Masumbuko (Minister of Rural Development of the Congo), Kumar Gaurav (Founder and CEO Cashaa), Baiba Broka (Former Minister of Justice of Latvia), Davinci Jeremie (Crypto Educator and Influencer), Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi (Co-Founder of Islamic Coin) and Mohammed Al Ali (Managing Director of FAB Bank).

About Sidus Heroes

hero star is the first WebGL, AAA, Play-to-Earn game Metaverse with a unique economic model. It was created by an international team of blockchain professionals. The PVP gameplay centers on space exploration and interstellar conquest, providing users with rich earning opportunities.

SIDUS HEROES – is an ecosystem consisting of multiple business units and layers.

  • game development unit, Create core gameplay and economic design for the Metaverse.
  • blockchain unit, Provide in-house innovative layer 2 solutions and DeFi services. Layer 2 scaling solutions are available for gamefi and NFT projects on Ethereum, Binance and other layer 1 blockchains.
  • Sidhus Gates, Is a game publishing house that serves as an entry point for indie and mid-level GameFi projects. sidhus gates Provide assistance to developers, including consulting, technical, financial and marketing, to integrate their games into the SIDUS HEROES metaverse.
  • game studio and franchise development, Committed to expanding the current Metaverse with new games, books, and other media under the lore of Unity.

SIDUS HEROES website | Xenna website | Twitter | telegraph | Disharmony | youtube

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