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Sikka presents 6 murals and 9 outdoor installations


The 11th edition of the Sikka Art and Design Festival presents six murals and nine outdoor installations that express the local cultural scene, in line with Dubai’s public art strategy, which aims to transform the city into an open art museum.

In this year’s edition, which runs until March 5, Sikka presents six murals that vary in thought and approach and that capture the pulse of Dubai and its fragrant heritage and traditions. Through his mural ‘My Dubai’, Emirati artist Abdulla Lutfi depicts the UAE’s journey as an ambitious city reaching new horizons without abandoning its traditions and traditions, And Badr Abbas pushes the boundaries of art and technology in Dubai with his mural ‘The Future is Here’, presenting the UAE’s vision for the next 50 years in a playful and thought-provoking way. Ways to showcase renewable energy, future healthcare and space exploration.

‘Ya labes el Tally’ by Fatma Al Ali showcases different types of Emirati robes and kandooras, highlighting the unique features of beading and talli embroidered on the fabric and adorned with traditional golden jewellery.

Near Building 45, Algerian artist Sneak Hotep presented his work “Composure”, inspired by the balance between provenance, appearance, teaching and essence, while Filipino artist Mark Barretto’s work “Tomorrow” ponders the role of time; it employs a digitized silhouette depicting a child holding a flower to represent hopes and aspirations rooted in tradition.

The walls of the festival also provide an inspiring space for Zayed University Faculty of Arts and Creative Enterprise students, whose “Translation of the United Arab Emirates” expresses their views on the essence of life in the UAE with different traditions, explorations and and practice techniques.

The Sikka Art and Design Festival also featured nine outdoor installations. Under the title Threads of Time: Weaving History on a Blank Canvas, artists Hamda Al Falahi and Reema Al Mheiri presented their façade installation as a tribute to the region’s rich textile heritage and its historic role in trade, And French artist Alexy Gouget presented his installation ‘Once Upon A Snack’ that delved into childhood nostalgia with an art series made only of LEGO bricks, depicting iconic snack brands that have become part of local pop culture.

Emirati artist Jassim Al Awadhi showcased his sculpture ‘The Circle’, made up of three figures of different colours, expressing his vision for purpose-driven pursuit of rejuvenation, while Emirati artist Rawdha Al Ketbi led visitors on a tour of the festival through Time to install “El Dreesha”, a traditional window used as a time portal to access past times. Through the installation ‘Migrant Minds’, Moey Studio captures the stories of migrants who leave their homes, bringing hopes, dreams and vestiges of identity to the UAE to create a better future.

Emirati Abdullah Al Kindi presents his sculpture “Thigmomorphogenis”, questioning our use of gardening in this never-ending struggle, ecology predates our sociological system, and expresses the system’s attempt to change the will of the land, while Iran ‘Mirrorigami’ by artist Ali Bahmani: Endless Reflections’ is inspired by the art of origami.

Italian creative Cristian Rizzuti and Spanish artist Julian Alvarez present a fascinating installation titled Amnesia, which brings memory to life; its pulse, vitality, loss and what remains of it on a circular canvas. Presenting her “Stereotype Inversion – The Meaning”, Syrian artist Alya Ola Abbas demonstrates awe at the human journey, embodying the differences and beautiful contrasts between traditional and new contemporary elements. – trade arab news agency


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