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Sindhis celebrate book launch in Dubai – News

The book titled “The World’s Most Iconic Sindhi” tells the story of Sindhi and Sindhi, published by non-Sindi

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published: Friday, March 31, 2023 at 5:03 pm

Leading UAE-based publishing house Dcom Designs and Ghana’s B5 Group have launched a book titled The most iconic Sindhi man in the world Celebration at Cheti Chand followed by dinner at Address Hotel, Marina.

The event was attended by Sindhi celebrities such as Vasu Shroff, Ram Buxani, Paras Shedadpuri, Leena Parwani, Emirati celebrities Yaqoob Ali, Ahmed Al Awadhi, prominent artists and business people, and people from Rashid Centre.

“Indians have made a great contribution to the UAE and the world, especially to the Sindhi community,” said Yaqoob Ali, adding that this concept and event helps showcase the contribution of the Sindhi community to the world.

Al Awadhi said, “It’s great to see the variety of cultures and success stories in the Sindh community.”

Media organizations from all over the world also participated in the book launch. Ravinder Soni of Bluechip and Pankaj Lokwani of La Capital supported the event.

The book’s author and publisher, Vikas Bhargava, said the book was unique because it was published by a non-Sindhi and told stories of Sindhi people and Sindhi people. This will have huge implications for the UAE, India and the rest of the world, he added. “It’s always great to work in a community with a great history,” said Joohi Qadri, the book’s editor.

This book contains 61 Sindhis from 16 countries in the world. These icons must be high achievers in their fields, but also citizens of high integrity and influence. The author also announced that he plans to release a second edition of the book soon.

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