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Slavi Kutchoukov About The Slavi Project And The Future Of Metaverse

Interview with the CEO and creator of the Slavi project – Slavi Kutchoukov. Our editors are continuing to interview digital asset industry experts. Slavi Kutchoukov, Founder of the Slavi project, answered our questions today.
Hello Slavi! Thank you for agreeing to participate in the interview! Let’s introduce our readers to you a little. Where were you born? What education did you receive? Why did you choose this direction for yourself?

I am delighted to give you this interview. I was born in Bulgaria and spent all my childhood in Germany. Further, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember because working in an office for someone else was just not my job. I can now safely call myself a serial entrepreneur and the founder of several successful projects. It all started in the real estate, construction, and fashion industries back in Germany and the UK, and then I continued my business in the UAE. Once that was out of the way and working, I diverted my attention to the crypto industry.

When did you find out about cryptocurrencies? What was the first experience?

I started expressing interest in cryptocurrency assets in 2017 when the price of Bitcoin rose sky high, and people everywhere began talking about it. As you can see, having an entrepreneurial background gave me a head start in learning about new technologies like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I decided to create my own project with my name on it. So, I assembled a team of specialists and started developing the product.

What is your vision for the future development of the digital world? How tightly will cryptocurrencies enter the life of an ordinary person? Which countries are driving the development of this market?

Digitalization is our future; whether we like it or not, the world’s technical and digital infrastructure will improve, and cryptocurrencies will definitely enter every person’s everyday life. But it is merely a question of time or course. If the word “crypto” was more of a surprising term and evoked many questions early on, today, everyone has heard about cryptocurrencies in one way or another.

The locomotives of this market are in several countries – the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, and Switzerland. The regulators in these countries are no longer fighting cryptocurrencies but, on the contrary, have recognized them as part of life.

Why did you decide to start your own Slavi project? How is it fundamentally different from other similar ones? Why did you choose this particular name?

Great question! We are currently moving toward a decentralized form of the internet as blockchain technology continues to improve and offers many opportunities for making secure transactions.

After conducting an in-depth study of the problems and trends of the DeFi industry, we decided to develop our own decentralized application – Slavi – that will support as many blockchain protocols as possible and offer users a comprehensive solution. Based on the Web-3.0 initiative, Slavi DApp enables direct communication between wallets and protocols, eliminating unnecessary interaction with a third party and giving users control over their funds.

Who is on your team? Tell us a little about your specialists to acquaint our readers with them. How long have you known the core team members?

The Slavi project team consists of professionals from different countries. The core team comprises business development, marketing, PR specialists, strategic consultants, and other professionals who have worked on well-known crypto projects.

These professionals have extensive experience in creating over 500 promotional campaigns with a budget of over $10 million. In addition, we have a strong development team that includes top blockchain engineers, architects, and developers who have worked on industry-renowned projects and large-scale distributed systems outside of the blockchain space.

What is the SuperDApp concept? Nobody has used it before. What is meant by this concept? What does the project revolve around?

SuperDApp – Super Decentralized Application. Our application has a whole ecosystem that combines several functions you can use at once. In addition to the wallet, we have an NFT platform, a built-in exchange, and much more.

The project started not so long ago. What stage is it in now? What has the team already accomplished?

We work daily to improve our project and release new services at a breakneck pace. In such a short period of operation, we have already established support for blockchain protocols such as Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Tron, Polygon, Metis, Solana, and others. In total, we plan to integrate more than 30 blockchain protocols into one interface. We increase the capabilities of the Slavi DApp several times a month. We recently launched the Rich Teddy Club. In addition, we are finishing work on the NFT marketplace and much more.

The project provides for the use of the SLV token. What is its purpose?

The Slavi project’s monetization model involves using the SLV token as the primary carrier of value and a means of payment for the functions and capabilities of the platform. Among the monetization tools of the Slavi application, the following can be distinguished: access to paid services based on the SLV token, use of the buyback mechanism, liquidity mining, liquidity collaterals, NFT marketplace, and much more. DeFi investment opportunities will also be presented as part of the project’s economic model. SLV token holders will be able to use staking services at attractive rates.

What about new products?

Our team created the Slavi All-in-One Crypto ATM as an innovative feature unique to the Slavi Ecosystem, which gives all Slavi community members and users a host of benefits. Among the first is the instantaneous issuance of 7 different types of cards to cater to any whim, design, preference, or desire. Issuance of branded Slavi debit and credit cards comes along with multilingual support ensured round the clock. Users can make payments with bank cards in cryptocurrency and fiat assets worldwide.

Cryptocurrency purchase options are also provided in the Slavi Ecosystem at considerably faster intervals than on regulated exchanges, which require users to pass verification and provide a complete package of documents.

The Slavi card replenishment management system gives access to third-party applications, including Web-3.0 applications and over 5,000 cryptocurrencies deployed on the top 30 blockchains through the Slavi Dapp. Instant exchange and cash out in more than 40 different local currencies and provision of bank cards by scanning fingerprints and ID are also part of the Slavi ATM Machine service.

Why was the MENA region chosen for the booking service? Are there plans to expand to other countries in the future?

Because numerous negotiations have already been held with large companies within the MENA region, many connections that help development are concentrated here. Eventually, it’s easier from a legal point of view. Expansion is planned in the 3rd quarter across Europe and Asia.

When can we expect the launch of Slavi NFT? What kinds of digital art items can be traded on the platform (paintings, images, videos)? Will users be able to release Slavi NFT directly on your site?

We have one Rich Teddy Club project ready that has limited access. You can read more about the project on our website – https://richteddyclub.com/. The Multichain NFT marketplace is in the process of being created. A few more processes need to be tuned, and users will be able to upload their collections like videos, photos, pictures, and other creative materials. We are preparing a real creative bomb!

The news reports that a hospital in the metaverse will appear in the UAE. How do you feel about the development of the metaverse? Do you have something?

Yes, I heard it’s a great idea! Our team has a forward-looking vision, so we are already developing our TeddyVerse, where you can buy and sell virtual lands and goods, play games, do business meetings and even heal people through virtual reality. We are creating a huge metaverse.

It is also known that you have a crypto fund. Tell us a little about it. What is it for? Who can enter it?

Yes, our fund has already been formed. The main mission of the crypto fund is to accelerate the development of a better financial system. We create and support Bitcoin and blockchain companies using our knowledge, network, and access to capital.

Slavi Capital is a venture capital company specializing in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, financial technology, and marketplaces, including the NFT and GameFi industries. We invest in companies and protocols based on decentralization, privacy, and WEB 3.0 compatibility. In fact, any company can apply since everything depends on its tasks. I can say one thing – we are open to every interesting project.

Now the trend is the development of educational courses. Have you thought about making your own educational courses?

Recently, the Slavi Ecosystem includes a knowledge section called the Slavi Academy that provides a new and expanded learning path for onboarding users. The project plans to open the Academy in several countries, namely the UAE, Italy, Greece, Germany, USA, Spain, Brazil, France, Singapore, and other countries, giving community members access to exclusive insights and exhaustive information on the crypto market and other instruments.

Thank you, thanks for the replies! We wish development to you and your project!

Thank you! It was a pleasure talking to you.

Connect with Slavi Kutchoukov on LinkedIn.

You can find Slavi on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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