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Smiley: No fishing or rollerblading here | Entertainment/Life


The title of this column only makes sense if you’re familiar with the 1965 Roger Miller song. If you’re not, it’s worth a look.

“Growing up in Denver, we used to take vacations out west with my parents,” said Chuck Pickett of Lafayette.

“We fly fish with my dad every summer in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole in Wyoming.

“Many years later (maybe 1985) my brother Dave and I, both in our 40s, were fly fishing on the Snake River in Yellowstone, surrounded by other people.

“Suddenly, I heard a roar! I looked up and there was a whole herd of Yellowstone buffalo across the river, roaring and clawing at the ground. We realized we were fishing at Buffalo Crossing!

“We ran like hell to our car and watched the cattle ford the river and cross the road.

“This is the end of fishing for the day!”

cold fish story

Speaking of interrupted fishing, Prairieville’s Bo Bienvenu recounted his experience:

“While stationed at Frozen Nawth, I tried ice fishing.

“I walked an uncomfortable distance from land and was unprepared for what happened next. I was not told that ice would move and make noise.

“At the first bang, I gave up my tackle and headed for the shore, sure I’d never see my boys grow up.

“A local guy grabbed me laughing hysterically and said, ‘You’re not from the neighborhood, kid?'”

front and back

“Growing up in Baton Rouge in the ’50s and ’60s,” said Eddie Cole of Blairsville, Georgia, “my family ate fried fish and boiled shrimp, but never crawfish.

“When I got a teaching and coaching job in Thibodaux in 1976, the Booster Club held a ‘meet the coach’ crayfish boil.

“I decided to imitate the actions of the man sitting across from me. (Real men don’t ask for directions!)

“In no time, his eyes were as big as saucers! Apparently I screwed up – I wanted to eat the head and suck the tail, not the other way around.

“He gave me a quick tutorial and by the end of the evening, I was on my way to becoming a proficient crayfish eater!”

Stuff it!

These two commits are from my “tastes better than it sounds” file:

  • Ernie Gremillion of Baton Rouge said: “Your explanation of the stuffed pork belly you call ‘ponce’ reminds me of my mother’s family in Plaucheville who make a very similar thing they call ‘gog ’.” They don’t do that anymore, but sent me to T Jim’s Meat Market in Cottonport, where I’d buy some if I was around. “
  • But Lynn Duhon of Maurice says: “Chaudin is the stomach of a pig, cleaned and filled with seasoned pork mince, the same way it’s used to make fresh pork sausages. Not pudding stuffing. Ponce is the stomach of a pig that’s been cleaned and cooked a cow .It can be breaded and fried. It is called tripe in the meat market.”

(I have an idea that different regions of Acadiana have different definitions of food. Lady K and I were judges for many years at the Bacon Festival in Ville Platte, where a ponce is a pork belly stuffed with ground pork, Rice, spices, etc., much like pudding.)

Special Personnel Department

  • Marie Green Richard of Abbeville will celebrate her 100th birthday on Monday 29 May. She was married to Alvin “Doc” Richard for 50 years.
  • Leila and Philip “Feda” Matassa of Donaldsonville celebrated their 50th anniversary on Thursday, May 25th.

Don’t wait!

David Porter, a retired Southern University English professor, said, “A recent Advocate article urges us to make an early will. It sounds like a good idea, but what are the other options?”


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