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Solano Symphony’s End-of-Season Pop Concert – The Vacaville Reporter


Solano Symphony longtime conductor Semyon Lohss will lead the area orchestra in an annual pop concert featuring light classical, film and Broadway tunes, Sunday at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theater. A charming combination of jazz and pop songs. (Photo courtesy/Sorano Symphony Orchestra)

Just as Dixon May Fair comes and goes in early May and Fiesta Days arrives in late May, the Solano Symphony kicks off its annual pop concert, an event featuring light classical music, film themes and often relaxed orchestral arrangements and musical theatrical medleys of program dramatic works, jazz and popular music. In short, it’s a frothy fest.

Still, by all accounts, it remains one of the symphony orchestra’s most anticipated and popular annual concerts, a season-ending concert—and celebrated each year with Sousa’s rousing patriotic anthem “Forever.” The Star-Spangled Banner” ends. Music will be at the Vacaville Theater of the Performing Arts on Sunday at 3pm.

“We’re almost in the final stages of rehearsals,” Semyon Lohss, the longtime symphony conductor, said in a phone interview Sunday, adding that the last of the two rehearsals will be Thursday night at Laurel Creek Elementary School in Fairfield. held.

The program began with John Williams’ “Superman” March; followed by Offenbach’s operetta “Duchess Grolstein” overture, melodious and moving; Faury’s peacock dance; Burt and Sullivan fame) overture to “The Pirates of Penzance”: and Johann Strauss Jr.’s “Orpheus Quartet,” in which “Strauss used passages from Offenbach,” Lohss notes, He is Russian and has lived in Fairfield for decades.

After intermission, the second half of the show boasted “a rather unusual start,” he said, referring to a past fundraiser for a silent auction that awarded the winner a lead at a Sunday afternoon concert. Orchestra Awards.

Guest conductor? Nancy Hopkins, Lohss said she had never conducted an orchestra, but took two 45-minute “crash courses” in conducting. She will lead the musicians on Leroy Anderson’s “Beauty at the Ball.”

Where would pop music be without Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story” tunes? There are sure to be plenty of humble ones: “I Feel Beautiful,” “Maria,” “Something’s Coming,” “Tonight,” “One Hand, One Heart,” “Cool” and “America.”

The show will continue with Hermann’s “Duke Ellington Fantasy” and Stone’s adaptations of several Cole Porter songs, from “You Do Something to Me” and “Love for Sale” to “Night and Day” and “Anything Goes.”

Love the lilting songs from Jerry Bock’s “Fiddler on the Roof”? You’ll hear songs like this a lot: “If I Were a Rich Man,” “Matchmaker,” “Miracle of Miracles,” “Sunrise, Sunset,” “To Life,” and “Tradition.”

Anderson’s library of songs returns with “Fiddle-Faddle,” and Sousa’s 1896 March, his most famous work and the official United States National March, caps off the symphony with a powerful and catchy mix of winds, brass and percussion The 36th season of , which may conjure up a lot of sound patriotism while tugging at the heartstrings of old folks.

The Solano Symphony will conclude its 36th season with a pop concert at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theater, 1010 Ulatis Drive, Vacaville, Sunday at 3 p.m. (Photo courtesy/Maxim Baluyev)

For the annual Pops concert, Lohss said he was “surprised” by the turnout over the years.

After the concert, year after year, he remembers “walking into the (VPAT) hall and just observing the atmosphere, how people interacted with each other after the concert.”

“Every time, people told me they loved the show,” recalls Lohss, adding, “They’d say, ‘I’ve never heard that particular piece of music, but I love it.’ ”

if you go
Solano Symphony Orchestra
pop concert
when: Sunday at 3pm
Where: Vacaville Performing Arts Theater
1010 Ulatis Drive, Vacaville
Tickets: $10 to $35
Telephone: 469-4013
online: www.solanosymphony.org


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