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Stage 32 entertainment industry social network surpasses 1 million members – Variety


Stage 32, a social network designed to support television and film professionals in more than 185 countries, has reached the one million member milestone as the company expands its offerings.

The service was founded in 2011 by actor, producer and writer Richard “RB” Botto. The platform features a global recruitment board and 3,000 hours of webinars, courses and labs supporting a wide range of entertainment industry careers, both online and offline.

Key markets for Stage 32 include the US, Canada, UK, France, South Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia. Prices for services depend on access level and duration. A one-year subscription to its Writers Room plan, which provides an open database of film and TV writing jobs, costs about $350.

“From the beginning, Stage 32’s mission has been to democratize the entertainment industry by leveling the playing field for film and TV creatives around the world. Not only has we seen our community grow to one million, but many of our members have grown through our Finding career success with the opportunities offered on the platform is humbling and rewarding,” said Botto.

“With so much toxicity in broad-based social networking platforms, I’m delighted to see so many creatives and professionals finding safe haven in Stage 32. Our membership growth has accelerated significantly as a result,” he said. “By providing complete transparency and a commitment to community first, our members not only forge meaningful connections, but accelerate their career paths through our education and marketplace.”

The company’s menu of content includes a series of films written by producer Nick Vallelonga (“Green Book”), composer Terrence Blanchard, documentary filmmaker Tiller Russell, filmmaker Martin Gigi (“Sweet Water”), Showrunner Todd Slavkin (“Smallville”), Writer-Producer Laila Cohan (“Bridgerton”) and Screenwriters and Producer Vijar Patel (“Black”).

Over the past decade, Stage 32 (the name is a nod to the RKO stage where Orson Welles filmed Citizen Kane) has helped numerous film commissions, festivals and production houses source talent globally, including Netflix , Canon, Cannes Film Festival and American Film Market.


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