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Starzz’s fan-powered revolution is bridging the gap between fans and champions




Starzz, a well-known new entrant in the cryptocurrency space, aims to offer its SRZ tokens to fans via an ICO on April 1, 2023.

TALLINN, Estonia, March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The sports industry is currently worth $80 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.85%, and is expected to exceed $100 billion in the coming years. In recent developments, this booming industry combined with the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market is worth an impressive $1.22 trillion. The convergence of these two industries has the potential to revolutionize the global landscape in unforeseen ways.

About Starzz

Starzz is an advanced cryptocurrency company dedicated to advancing the sports and entertainment industry into the Web 3.0 era. Built on blockchain technology, Starzz seeks to shift the focus of sports to fan engagement, not just the games themselves. To achieve this goal, Starzz provides users with the opportunity to actively participate and create value.

main features

Interactive platforms have gained massive traction in the cryptocurrency space. This year, Starzz plans to launch its interactive platform, Supporterzz.com, where users can engage with their favorite champions (a collective term used to describe all professional stakeholders such as clubs, teams, athletes, celebrities, influencers, artists, digital content ) interaction creators and more). The company is also creating a robust and vibrant marketplace for users to trade fan tokens, NFTs, exclusive merchandise, access live streams, buy tickets and more. Starzz’s multipurpose native token, SRZ, offers champions and fans numerous advantages such as increased fan engagement, transparent governance, and new opportunities.

SRZ Token

Starzz’s native token, SRZ, will be released to the public via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on April 1, 2023. By participating in an ICO, investors and traders have the opportunity to acquire fan tokens at a more competitive price compared to the market. Early adopters can participate in development and work with the community to decide how to shape the details of the product and ecosystem. However, the advantage for early entrants is lower prices and opportunities to collaborate with the community.

champion token

Champion’s Token represents a distinctive innovation for the company. Holding this token brings numerous advantages to its users. Those with Champion’s Token in their wallets are granted voting rights on club-related matters. To reduce the risk of misconduct, the entire system operates on a decentralized basis, ensuring transparency at every level.

How Starzz stands out in the market

Unlike many sports platforms that focus on providing a single service or function, Starzz offers comprehensive, all-in-one solutions tailored to user needs. In addition, the company is committed to optimizing the benefits provided to community members. As part of its innovative approach, Starzz plans to launch a decentralized, autonomous football club – a first for the industry.

Decentralized Autonomous Club (DAC)

Decentralized Autonomous Clubs (DACs) represent a groundbreaking organizational model that empowers existing sports clubs with unparalleled power, promoting a more democratic and fair system. Unlike traditional sports clubs, Starzz’s DAC is owned and managed by the community, empowering fans to influence all club-related decisions. Due to its fully decentralized nature, the platform guarantees complete transparency in the decision-making process.

Security and Authenticity

Investment security is the top priority of investors. Those concerned about the legitimacy of SRZ tokens can be confident in its credibility. Tokens have been audited and a full project audit is also planned. The Starzz project is led by a team of highly qualified professionals. Information about the team can be found on the company website.

upcoming milestones

During the year, Starzz has arranged a series of major events aimed at enhancing the status and influence of the project. Recognizing the important role of brand ambassadors in marketing efforts, Starzz will soon announce its selected representatives, which are expected to attract a large number of investors.

In the near future, Starzz will also showcase its cooperation with well-known companies, further strengthening its position in the industry. Additionally, the token will be listed on prominent decentralized and centralized exchanges to enhance its accessibility to a wider audience. Starzz Exchange is scheduled to start operations on October 1, 2023, marking another milestone for the project.

Learn more about Starzz

Starzz represents a transformative effort to revolutionize the sports and entertainment industry by emphasizing immersive fan engagement experiences. For potential investors and individuals interested in learning more about Starzz, the project’s official website and white paper provide in-depth information.

To learn more about the project, please visit Official websiteread white paperor follow Starzz on social media to become part of the Starzz community:

website | Twitter | telegraph | Disharmony | LinkedIn | instagram | Facebook | youtube


The information presented in this press release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. You are advised to conduct due diligence (including consulting a professional financial advisor) before investing in or trading in securities and cryptocurrencies.

CONTACT: Marco Kowalewski Starzz Marco.Kowalewski at starzz.eu


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