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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Young Philanthropist: 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Donates Entire Earnings to Support Children Affected by War in Gaza

Support Children  In a heartening initiative, 11-year-old artist and entrepreneur Naksh Awtaney from Dubai is using his artistic talent to support children in war-torn Gaza. Under the banner of his latest project, Naksh customizes various items, including shoes, mugs, coasters, and tote bags, with all proceeds directed towards charitable causes.

Inspired Giving Back: Naksh’s Artistic Journey: Support Children

Naksh’s foray into entrepreneurship began unexpectedly at the age of eight when he was asked to draw on a pair of shoes. The positive response prompted him to transform his artistic passion into a business. His intricate character illustrations on plain white shoes have become wearable works of art, with a significant portion of sales supporting charitable endeavors, particularly aiding Gaza’s children.

A Medium of Expression and Support: Specially Designed Tote Bags

Naksh’s artistic endeavors go beyond weekends, as he dedicates his free time and study breaks to create pieces that spread color and positivity. His specially designed tote bags, priced at Dh30, serve as both an expressive medium and a means to contribute to charitable causes.

Encouraging Collective Goodness: Naksh’s Inspirational Message

Despite his young age, Naksh believes that every small effort contributes to a more substantial impact. He encourages others to use their unique abilities to positively influence the world. For the month of November, Naksh is accepting orders for specially designed tote bags and shoes, aiming to bring color and positivity to those facing challenges and adversity.

Spreading Positivity: Naksh’s Artistic Mission: Support Children 

Naksh’s message to his peers emphasizes the power of collective goodness, urging everyone to contribute in their small ways. Through his art, he aspires to bring color to the lives of those undergoing difficult times, fostering a sense of community and compassion.

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