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Survey shows 44% of audio entertainment users pay for content, audio series has high appeal


About 44 percent of audio entertainment consumers are paying subscribers, with audio series receiving the most attention among internet users, according to a survey by top platform Pocket FM on Tuesday.

According to the survey, respondents said they spend more time with audio than video.

“44% of users pay for audio content. Of these, 33% of users reported spending more than Rs 300 per month, 13% allocated between Rs 100-300 and 54% spent less than Rs 100 per month,” the report said say.

The online survey gathered responses from 9,616 Internet users in the country.

The study found that most audio consumption occurs when people are relaxing (33%) or working (25%) rather than commuting (16%).

“While 57% of respondents watch less than 60 minutes of OTT video content per day, 18% spend more than two hours per day on video consumption. Additionally, 43% of It takes more than 30 minutes to discover content on OTT platforms,” ​​the report said.

According to the survey conducted between April 23 and May 9, there has been a marked shift in consumer preferences for audio content.

“The findings reveal a compelling shift in consumer behavior, with audio content surpassing video in terms of daily engagement. It’s clear that audio series have become the go-to choice, spurring listeners to binge-listen. As the digital world connects to screens, Shubh Bansal, VP Growth, Pocket FM, said: “Despite fatigue, the rise of audio entertainment is not surprising. “

The survey found that users spend an average of 140 minutes per day on audio series, more than music (67 minutes), audiobooks (35 minutes) and podcasts (50 minutes).


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