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“Talented Descendant of Tansen Performs UAE National Anthem on Sarangi”

Tansen In anticipation of the UAE National Day, 23-year-old Sarangi virtuoso Nabeel Khan, a descendant of the famed 15th-century Mughal musician Mian Tansen, crafts a heartfelt rendition of the UAE National Anthem. Nabeel, hailing from Delhi and now a UAE resident under the Golden Visa program, has gained global acclaim with performances at prestigious venues worldwide.

A Musical Gift to the Nation

Inspired by the profound lyrics and enchanting melody of the UAE’s National Anthem, “Ishy Bilady,” Nabeel expresses his connection to the composition. This musical endeavor serves as a gift to the nation that has warmly embraced him, reflecting his deep appreciation for the UAE and its visionary leaders.

Reviving the Sarangi Legacy

As the UAE’s first and only Sarangi player, Nabeel is on a mission to revive this unique musical instrument. With historical ties to the Middle East, he sheds light on the instrument’s origins and materials, emphasizing its historical significance. Nabeel blends Indo-Arabic melodies with the classical instrument, forging a new musical journey.

Educational Impact and Global Reach

Beyond personal success, Nabeel’s influence extends globally, with over 50 students learning the Sarangi online, including four in the UAE, one being an Emirati woman. Raised in a family of revered Sarangi players, Nabeel honed his skills under the guidance of his grandfather, Ustad Sabir Khan Sahib, and his father, Ustad Naser Khan.

A Musical Prodigy’s Journey

Nabeel’s musical journey began with a remarkable debut at 15 in Oslo, followed by performances in various countries, solidifying his reputation as a distinguished Sarangi player. Despite an initial interest in cricket, a fateful injury redirected him to his musical roots, where he embraced the legacy handed down by preceding generations.

Preserving Tradition and Exploring Innovation

Belonging to the traditional Moradabad Sainia Gharana, tracing its roots to Mian Tansen, Nabeel aims to preserve the Sarangi’s legacy by revitalizing its role as a solo instrument. His recent experiments showcase the instrument’s versatility, pioneering Western music on the Sarangi with unique renditions of iconic pieces.

Legacy of Mian Tansen

Nabeel’s ancestor, Mian Tansen, revered as one of India’s greatest musicians, holds legendary status with tales of extraordinary musical feats. While acknowledging the challenges of the Sarangi, Nabeel views it as a sensitive instrument that demands rigorous practice, aiming to bring it back to the forefront of classical music.

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