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Dubai Metro and Taxi Payments Set to Incorporate Facial Recognition

Dubai’s roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is on the cutting edge of smart  technology, introducing a groundbreaking system that will allow public transport commuters to pay their fares through facial recognition. This forward-thinking initiative is being announced ahead of GITEX 2023, a prominent technology fair set to kick off in Dubai shortly. The RTA is preparing to unveil a range of innovative projects and initiatives that harness artificial intelligence and metaverse technologies Facial Recognition

Seamless Public Transport Payments with Facial Recognition

At the heart of the RTA’s showcase will be a smart gate that demonstrates how commuters can use facial recognition to pay for public transport fares. This revolutionary technology is set to be applied across various modes of transportation in Dubai, including the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, buses, taxis, and marine transport. This innovation is expected to eliminate the need for traditional tickets, Nol cards, or credit cards.

The system functions by registering and identifying users through the use of cameras that capture 3D facial data. This data is then securely matched with the user’s identity, allowing for automatic deduction of the fare from their account. Beyond streamlining the payment process, this innovation is set to significantly enhance transaction processing efficiency and reduce the reliance on cash transactions.

Digitizing Ownership Transfer of Vehicle Number Plates: Facial Recognition

In addition to the facial recognition payment system, the RTA is introducing a service that will enable the digital transfer of vehicle number plate ownership. This service will be accessible through the RTA Dubai Drive app, allowing customers to complete the entire transfer process using the “UAE PASS” digital ID. This means that there will be no need for individuals to make in-person visits to RTA service centers.

Environmentally Friendly 3D-Printed Abra: Facial Recognition

The RTA will also present a 3D-printed model of the world’s first Abra. This water taxi is designed to accommodate up to 20 passengers and is equipped with eco-friendly electric motors. The design preserves the traditional heritage identity of Abras. This initiative is aimed at supporting Dubai’s 3D printing strategy, which seeks to reduce manufacturing time by 90%, cut costs by 30%, and promote environmental sustainability.

AI-Powered Predictive Parking and Advanced Kiosks

Leveraging artificial intelligence and big data, the RTA is employing predictive analytics to estimate parking occupancy. This feature enables customers to plan their trips with real-time parking availability information accessible through RTA’s smart apps.

Furthermore, the RTA is showcasing a smart kiosk, an integrated platform for monitoring and managing soft mobility service providers. This kiosk measures driver risk, monitors passenger movement at stations, and assesses congestion levels, contributing to an enhanced transportation experience.

Commitment to Technological Advancement and Sustainability 

Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors at RTA, highlighted the organization’s commitment to harnessing emerging technologies and AI. This commitment aims to boost productivity, operational efficiency, and customer service, in alignment with Dubai’s vision to become the world’s premier city for quality living.

With its focus on smart transport systems, self-driving transport, IoT, AI applications, machine learning, big data, and electric energy technologies, RTA is driving Dubai’s transformation into a smart, innovative, and sustainable city. The goal is to convert 25% of mobility journeys in Dubai into smart and driverless journeys by 2030, with plans to deploy autonomous Cruise vehicles for taxi and e-hail rides in collaboration with GM Cruise, eventually reaching 4,000 vehicles by 2030.

In Conclusion: Facial Recognition 

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is boldly embracing cutting-edge technologies to enhance the public transport experience and make it more convenient, efficient, and sustainable. The adoption of facial recognition for fare payments is a significant leap forward, streamlining the process and reducing the need for physical cards or tickets. Additionally, the RTA’s commitment to AI-driven solutions, 3D printing, and sustainable practices positions Dubai as a global leader in smart transportation and urban development. With a clear vision and innovative projects, Dubai is set to become a model city for the future of mobility and urban living.

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