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Taylor Swift Travels Through Time on Opening Night of ‘Time Travel’


(CNN) Baby, let the game begin.

Taylor Swift’s “Journey to the Ages”’ kicked off Friday night with a three-hour show in Glendale, Arizona. hits of every era The 17-year career of the Grammy winner.

“Swifties,” as she’s known to fans, descended on the city in entirely Swift-inspired outfits, and the location itself was renamed “Swift City,” According to the Glendale, Arizona website. Ticket sales for the tour even bankruptcy conductorthe singer cautioned when she told her audience on Friday that she felt it was safe to assume they had put in “considerable effort” to get there.

Full disclosure: This CNN writer is Swiftie. I managed to secure tickets to Swift’s penultimate show in Los Angeles in August, but based on social media posts from attendees, here are some highlights from her performance on Friday.

Taylor Swift took to the stage at the opening night of “Time Tour” in Arizona on March 17.

Wearing a crystal corset and matching boots, Swift kicked off her concert with her ‘Lover’ era “Miss America and the Sad Prince” A track from the 2019 album, then performed “Cruel Summer” for the first time in concert.

During a performance of “Willow” and “Champagne Problems” from her pandemic-era album “Evermore,” Swift asked her audience, “Is it just me or do we have a lot to catch up?” It’s a fair question, Because the tour is Swift’s first since 2018’s “Reputation” show.

Audiences were transported back to that era, when Swift performed hits like “Delicate” and “Don’t Blame Me” during the “Fame” snake-prowling scene.

The “Red” era brought more comebacks, with some of Swift’s catchier tunes like “We’ll Never Get Back Together” and “I Know You’re Trouble.” Swift also performed a ten-minute version of “All Too Well.”

On Friday, Taylor Swift hit the stage. She has sung more than 40 of her songs.

next she performed her song 2020 Album “Folklore” First time at a live concert. Swift stood on the set, which was decorated like the moss-covered “folklore” cabins featured in many of her music videos. The moody and imaginative album comes to life as she sings songs like “Invisible String,” “Cardigan,” and “Betty.” She later played an acoustic version of “Mirrorball” after telling the crowd that she would be playing a different acoustic song at each show on the tour.

In true “1989” fashion, this part of the show seemed like one big dance, as it included some of Swift’s most beloved hits, like “Blank,” “Get Out of It” and “Wildest.” dream”.

There were other nostalgic moments throughout the show, with Swift singing about her “Fearless” days with “You Belong to Me” and “Love Story.” She also sang “Tim McGraw,” one of her early 2006 songs, on piano.

Taylor Swift’s “Travel of Time” opening show lasted just over three hours.

As the concert enters the last and present age, swift playing her various songs record-breaking 2022 album “Midnight,” They included “Anti-Hero,” “Lavender Haze,” “Mastermind,” and “Bejeweled,” and closed the show with the high-energy hit “Karma.”

Swift’s tracklist spans more than 40 songslikely proving to her fans that the exhaustion of waiting for their antihero Taylor Swift to return to the stage was worth it.


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