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The Engage Group launches internal communication UAE Network Institute


DUBAI: Internal communications for organizations in the Middle East will take on a new dimension with the launch of the UAE Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) network, led by The Engage Group, a leading employee communications and experience agency.

The IoIC – the UK’s only dedicated in-house communications specialist – has been established in the Middle East to lead the industry and shape the future of the industry in the region. The UAE Network was launched by Dubai-based employee communications and experience agency The Engage Group, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Brett Smyth, CEO and founder of The Engage Group, said: “For 70 years, the UK’s IoIC has helped organizations and individuals succeed by promoting the highest standards of internal communication. As Engage celebrates its 10th anniversary, we are delighted to launch Our own IoIC network.

“The Middle East has made great strides in internal communications and employee engagement over the past 10 years. At Engage, we’ve seen business and government leaders gain a better understanding of the benefits of effective people engagement, and more internal communications jobs are advertised , increased use of new digital communication channels and more demand for our own services, especially in the wake of Covid-19.

“But there is still a lot of work to be done. Internal communications are often viewed as an afterthought, a distant cousin of PR and marketing communications, when in reality it should be front and center of any business.”

Research shows that employees largely don’t know how to make a difference at work. According to Gallup, nearly 75% of employees don’t know how to contribute to the company’s success because internal communications are either non-existent or poorly done. Gallup’s recent UAE workplace study shows that more than half of the UAE workforce is not engaged – employees meet basic job requirements, but nothing more. A strong internal communications strategy can change that.

Brett Smyth adds: “Organizations invest millions of dollars and thousands of employee hours into business strategy, expansion plans, branding, and more. Often, however, the employees responsible for implementation and delivery have little or no knowledge of corporate plans. Know nothing and how they can help bring an employer’s vision to life.”

UK-based IoIC CEO Jennifer Sproul is excited about the impact internal communications can have in the region. “Our vision is a future where internal communication has a place at the leadership level and is seen as a trusted strategic advisor. Through the IoIC in the UAE, professionals will foster change and celebrate by supporting each other, learning from their peers, setting professional standards success, and together shape the future of internal communications, employee engagement and organizational culture.”

Professionals in the region can join the internal networking conversation on LinkedIn and register with the UAE IoIC Network by sending an email to hello@engagemeconsulting.com. To become a member of IoIC, please visit the membership page of the website.


Media Contact: Rebecca Rees rebecca@rebecomms.com

About Engage Group (www.engagemeconsulting.com)

Founded in 2013, The Engage Group is the Middle East’s leading employee communications and experience agency. Engage’s talented teams drive organizational success by blending behavioral psychology, expertise and creativity to create world-class employee experiences. Engage knows that the world’s strongest organizations are powered by their people and has solutions designed to inspire success from the inside out, because when employees feel informed, empowered and inspired, they work harder help the organization succeed.


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