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The Global Urdu Poetry Festival: Janab Javed Akhtar – “An event such as this that celebrates the beautiful language of Urdu.”

The Global Urdu Poetry Festival: Janab Javed Akhtar – “An event such as this that celebrates the beautiful language of Urdu.”

The Global Urdu Poetry Festival organised on the 11th, 12th, 13th November, 2022 was a one of a kind event. As Janab Javed Akhtar said, an event such as this that celebrates the beautiful language of Urdu so impeccably is organised after 148 years!

This mesmerising event was brought to life by Leading Edge events under the guidance of Mr Tariq Faizi, a deep-dyed poetry and literature devotee. Many well-known Urdu artists, including Janab Javed Akhtar Sahab, Janab Khurshid Rizvi Sahab, and Mohtarma Hamida Shaheen graced this festival with their presence. The Global Urdu Poetry Festival offered a priceless experience of a mehfil of nazms, ghazals and sufi music.

Six business owners were recognised as the leaders of their industry. The Global Urdu Poetry Festival was the perfect culmination of professionalism and art.

Janab Javed Akhtar Sahab presented the Business Excellence Award to the following six business leaders:

Mr Unmesh Krishnan

Founder of Seven Zone designs

The depth of Mr Unmesh’s service to the field of interior design and fitout has been extraordinary. His outstanding leadership qualities, innovative and customer centric approach demonstrated through his business has distinguished him among his competition and peers. 

Mr Shafaq Rizvi

Founder and Director of Travel Unravel Holidays

Mr Shafaq is a passionate and growth-oriented individual. His 20 years of experience in the travel industry is a testament to his proficiency in strategy, growth and financial planning. He is a team player with a focused mindset. Mr Shafaq wants to revolutionize how people travel worldwide by delivering exemplary services of Travel Unravel Holidays to perfection.

 Captain Anil Agarwal

Co-founder and Managing Director of Seaspeed Marine Services.

Capt Anil Agarwal is the co-founder and Managing Director of Seaspeed Marine Services. Seaspeed Marine is providing vessel chartering, ship management and Marine and Technical consultancy services from their offices in Sharjah and Fujairah. Seaspeed’s team is known for its competence and professionalism. The company is going to soon expand their footprints in other emirates such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi by opening their branch offices.

Mr Rafat Tanveer

First Generation Entrepreneur And The Founder of MRT

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them, Mr. Rafat Tanveer has lived this quote. Mr Rafat is a first generation entrepreneur with business interests in Human Resource, manufacturing and Travel business. Coming from a humble beginning he has really worked his way to spread his business in APAC and US.

Mr Ajit Urath

General Manager of Thermilate Middle East

Mr Ajit carries a sound experience of 20 years, during which, he has displayed impeccable professionalism and has helped Thermilate Middle East to achieve the leading position in the gulf in the field of Metal roof waterproofing and energy saving coating.

Ms Nowsheen Yaqoob

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Auracious Global

Nowsheen Yaqoob is a social entrepreneur who has a successful corporate experience of over 18 years in leading large-scale multicultural teams, coaching, training and mentoring thousands of business professionals and students from over 200 countries. She specialises in personal & professional development, public speaking, people management and leadership training.

The Global Urdu Poetry Festival was a memorable event for all the attendees. While the nazms and ghazals were extraordinary, the mehfil of sufi music did not fail to wow the audience as well!




Sarfraz Khan
Sarfraz Khan
Entrepreneur | Writer | Motivational Speaker


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