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The operator says Dubai Airport Terminal 1 will reopen this week


Dubai National Airport operator said on Sunday that it will reopen Terminal 1 in Dubai The international airport on Thursday was closed for 15 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It said that now more than 40 international airlines will gradually transfer operations from Terminals 2 and 3 to the reopened terminal, which is the main facility for foreign airlines at the airport.

The annual passenger volume of Terminal 1 where the Airport D Hall is located reaches 18 million passengers. The airport is a major international transit hub, capable of handling up to 100 million passengers each year.

The Dubai government said on Saturday that it will lift the ban on people who have been to Nigeria or South Africa in the past 14 days and resume direct flights from there starting Wednesday.

Flights from India Indians who can also recover and hold United Arab Emirates Resident visas can enter the country as long as they have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine approved by the UAE.

However, the ban on non-residents who have visited India in the past two weeks will continue to be enforced.

Dubai requires most arrivals to test negative for the coronavirus before heading to the Middle East tourism center, which was reopened to foreign tourists in July last year. Passengers are also usually tested on arrival.

The Dubai Media Office stated that arrivals from India must be quarantined in designated facilities until they receive the test results, which are expected to be received within a day.


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