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The rapper Cashh was expelled from the UK seven years ago. Now he is back with “Return of Man”.


Cashh, a 27-year-old rapper from South London, seems to live much longer than his age suggests. Although he grew up in the UK, he was actually born in the Park Lane area of ​​Kingston, Jamaica, and his musical journey can be said to start from there-the birthplace of reggae and ballroom music.

Cashh told BuzzFeed News through Zoom that he grew up at a party. Some of his earliest musical memories are lying in bed at night and hearing music from a distance, but he is too young to participate. However, it didn’t take long before he went out to attend those dances by himself: According to his own estimation, the age of his first party was between 3 and 4 years old.

This is part of the reason why he seems to have lived for so many years: he is very confident and has been sailing the world since he was young, surrounded by people older than him. These experiences were even recorded by one of the elders, who once took him to dance in the introduction of his 2020 track “Trench Baby”.

Like many people, Cashh said that his favorite brother inspired him to enter the music industry-he told BuzzFeed News that he was “the kid who was always with him in the studio or at home.” In the end, his brother gave him There is a chance to put a poem on a song.

His brother is not his only musical inspiration. What inspired him was the ability to entertain and educate at the same time. With this, he tried to drop gems-even if only a few. “Being able to put stories together—especially from real life experiences—is one of my favorite things when it comes to making music,” he said.

But his life is not all fun and games, he has to face one of the toughest experiences anyone could face at the worst possible moment.He spent most of his youth in England-and caused a sensation in his music under the name of Cashtastic-Ministry of the Interior He was deported to Jamaica in 2014.

Speaking of deportation, Cashh admitted that it gave him life experience. “It makes me humble,” he told BuzzFeed News. “It makes me more alert and belligerent. It makes me more vulnerable.”

“It’s a crazy experience, but I know it’s one—in order to move forward in my life—I need it.”

He returned to England five years later and changed his stage name from Cashh to Cashh.

“The change from Cashtastic to Cashh is really a change,” he said. “I started the game as Cashh. My real name is Cashh, so when you take down the’ief’, this is where Cashh came from.”

However, this change has another factor-growth, and the feeling that he is no longer consistent with the name of Cashtastic.

Cashh said that after returning to Jamaica, he felt that he was more adaptable and had time to understand himself better, so when he returned to the UK, he wanted to keep himself as true as possible.

Cashh’s latest project-a veritable mixtape The return of immigrants, Will be launched in August-has been in development for five years. Due to his self-identified perfectionist nature, Cashh has been recording and adjusting the music for this project since he came in Jamaica.

When discussing the version of the project made in Jamaica-and how it changed-our discussion turned to African Swing and how it shared its core with Dancehall, and then introduced Drill as the dominant voice in the UK from that.

This new sound made Cashh feel that he had to find a balance between the more melodic music he produced in Jamaica and the tougher, more original sound he knew his concerts coexist with.

Now with the emergence of new music, we talked about his recording process. This is very unorthodox: Cashh prefers to be in the studio with the producer when making the beat. But even if it’s impossible, he likes to hear the beat for the first time in the studio. He can’t write either—at least, not in the typical sense of sitting down and writing on paper. Instead, he does it all in his head based on his intuitive reaction to whatever he hears.

“It may be a melody, it may be a flow pattern, it may be a few things I thought of,” Cashh said. “But I need to write it down the first time I hear music.”

Then he filled in the gaps there with lyrics-he likes to do all this in the dark. It is for focusing. When he was recording, he didn’t want to be distracted by anything.

In addition to music, Cashh also has a lot of music. There is a documentary in production, he is launching a clothing line called “Proud Immigrants”, and so on. But despite being booked and busy, he still focuses on music-which is what he wants others to pay attention to.

“Anyone who has been a core fan of me and understands my experience…you really don’t have a second chance,” Cashh said. “But I think I still have a second chance.”

What followed was cordiality and desire for all those who still supported him-in this respect, music speaks for itself.

Cashh’s single “Return of the Man” is now released.


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