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The web drama “The Seventh Sense” is back!Rebooting, revamping and adopting new Avatars will revolutionize OTT platforms


A Little Bird Tells Us, the long-awaited Gaurang Doshi – The Seventh Sense web series, all rebooted, revamped and re-ignited, promising a larger than life cinematic experience, is back with a bang! Popular director and producer Nikhil Sinha, who produced TV shows like Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Siya Ke Ram and Prem Ya Paheli: Chandrakanta, has been tapped to direct the web series in Dubai. The news is that pre-production has begun, some of the biggest names in the film and OTT fraternity have signed, and three songs with an international musical feel will be integrated into the 7th Sense web series that will change the face of the OTT platform. The recently released hot party number CASANOVA and the yet to be released SONIYE have been filmed in Dubai.

An African party song called “Casanova” starring YoYo Honey Singh, “Gucci Gang” American rapper Lil Pump and music producer DJ Shadow Dubai was included as a promotional track for the web series. The second track is titled Soniye and stars internationally renowned Jason Derulo, Harnoor and Bollywood beauties Urvashi Rautela and Erica Fernandes. In the works is a third track with American rapper Rick Ross, which will also be part of 7th Sense.

Producer Nikhil Sinha

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Gaurang Doshi, a Bollywood producer and owner of Gaurang Doshi Productions, said in a recent talk about the makeover project and his inspiration for doing so, “All good things take time and the makeover just makes it bigger than ever Both are bigger. By the grace of God this project is on track and I sincerely thank my cast and crew for their love and support they have been strong and have believed in me and this project. I am so grateful to Mahesh Chaturvedi and Madhu Bhandari’s support and encouragement throughout. Speaking of inspiration, my mom has been my biggest strength since the moment she brought me into this world. Whenever I’m in a difficult phase of my life, I just close my eyes and think Thinking what she would advise me to do, at that moment I knew what was best. more”

Gaurang further shared his work with Nikhil Sinha as a director, “I have always believed in a different approach in his projects. Since this is Nikhil’s first OTT, unlike the regular version on the platform, he will have new direction ideas and Concept. It will be a new and interesting journey with my director and a star cast that has never been seen before. After Nikhil came in, we changed the whole concept and made it larger than life because I believe in the script It’s your power, and having to feel the weight of a concept to make it a reality. Nikhil is a content obsessive like me, so discussing our remarkable ideas and bringing them to life makes life so much easier. After putting in a lot of writing for this project, I’m so happy to finally have found someone who can match my thought process, and I look forward to having everyone in Dubai for the shoot soon.”

The web series has 8 episodes of 45 minutes each and the script is written by Nikhil Sinha, Majid Azam and Gaurang Doshi.

Talking about his work with Gaurang Doshi and Directing 7th Sense, Nikhil Sinha said, “I was very impressed by Gaurang’s extreme passion and experimental approach to cinema. When I heard the basic premise of 7th Sense, it was immediately “It resonated with me and I could see the great potential that this idea had to offer. I hope we can create something spectacular out of it. We’ve shot a music video with an international flavor, featuring Jason Derulo, Lil Pump, Featuring world-renowned stars such as Rick Ross, and a first-of-its-kind fusion of East and West, 7th sense will also take on a transnational perspective with an equally global perspective in the story, premise, cast and crew. 7th Sense will take viewers into a new realm , I hope it will establish a new genre for Indian audiences.”

Bafleh Jewelery joins hands with Gaurang Doshi as a brand partner for the web drama “The Seventh Sense”. ‘Bafleh Jewelery’ was established in 1992 by Mr. Ramesh Vora and Mr. Quwaider Bafleh and today is ably led by Mr. Chirag Vora and is one of the leading wholesale and retail jewelery companies in the UAE and GCC. In the web series, the actors will wear gold and diamond jewelry collections from their brand partners.


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